Thursday, March 21, 2019

I’m Thankful for Spring

I give thanks for this vibrant season especially after the long cold dreary weather too many of us had to endure.

I’m grateful for spring even though this year she is taking her sweet time making her appearance. With the arrival of spring songbirds will fill the air with songs, dormant plants and trees will start turning green.  The sound of lawnmowers and children playing will fill the air and for this I’m thankful.

Spring is a time for farmers to plant their seeds and seedlings. Gardeners will pot their tomatoes, mulch and plant their flower beds. Spring is the season of hope and renewal, a time to breathe fresh air, enjoy the moments when the butterflies appears and visit with our neighbors.

Things I’m looking forward to;
  • The days are longer
  • Things start growing
  • Getting out more
  • Wearing less clothing
  • Feeling the warmth of the sun

I’m thankful for spring’s vibrancy, brightness and renewed blessings.  Life is a cycle so I my hope you are enjoying the renewal that spring brings.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

5 Tips for a Healthy Weekend

For many people it is easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the work week. However, when the weekend arrives we are thrown completely out of control.  Whether it is a weekend spent with friends or a weekend at the beach with family, we tend to over indulge and that can derailed us if we are focusing on a healthy lifestyle.

Weekdays for many people are structured, therefore, weekends can be seen as lazy time, or a chance to enjoy less structure. It is okay to cut yourself a little slack and enjoy life and indulge a little. But if you find yourself throwing away all the healthy gains you made during the week then it's time to reconsider.

Here a five tips to "stay" on track over the weekend;

  • Do not skip Meals - It is so easy to  skip meals on the weekend  because you are busy and just forget to eat.  Skipping meals will lead you to over-indulge because you allowed yourself to get too hungry.  Start your weekend mornings with a healthy breakfast, this is a good foundation on which to build the rest of your day. Before leaving run errands pack a light snack or have one before you go.  
  • Sleep - Just like not skipping meals, having quality sleep is very important for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Stay Active - Make the most out the free time you have by including one activity in your weekend. Take a walk, go for a hike, playing soccer, head to the gym or doing the gardening are all ways you can stay active.  
  • Have a normal Routine- One of the biggest things that throw us off during the weekend is the lack of structure and routine. Having a routine will help you to stay focus; so whether it's a  9 am gym class on Saturday, or 4 PM  family dinner on Sunday, maintaining a routine will add structure.
  • Limit Your Alcohol - Having a drink while socializing on the weekend is perfectly fine, however don't throw caution to the wind and over-indulge. It best to incorporate water or other low calorie beverages between drinks.

Moderation is key so eat, drink  and enjoy your time with family and friends, because the great thing about weekends is that they are total yours. Just remember if you slip up over the weekend, Monday is right around the corner with the opportunity to start again.


Friday, March 8, 2019

International Women's Day 2019

 Today March 8th is International Women's Day; the year slogan is Balance for Better #balanceforbetter.

It is a big day for inspiration and change and creating a gender balanced world for our girls. Everyone has a part to play and too often when we speak out against gender bias we get called to the mat.  Take for example the recent commercial done by Gillette asking men not to be awful human beings. The backlash was swift because the commercial was inspired by the #metoo movement.  The ad was merely asking it's customers to think about the consequences of their actions.

How can you help forge a more gender balanced world?

    • We can start with paying Women equal; novel idea isn't it!
    • Challenge gender norms.  Encourage our girls to go into STEM because we have the brains and the tenacity to continue making a huge impact in the STEM field.
    • Lead by example.  Don't sit back and let someone else speak for you. Now is the time to speak up for inequality and against bias. 
    • Help other women. We shouldn't subscribe to the "Queen Bee" mentality; because success is not limited to a few, we all can achieve our goals.
    • Don't give up! Never stop pushing to achieve your goals. 

Celebrating women's achievement and raising awareness against bias are key components in creating a balanced better world for each of us. 

Monday, March 4, 2019

Inspirational Motivation


Inspiration is the action or power of moving the intellect or emotion; the act of influencing.

When we inspire, we encourage, excite, stimulates and breathe life into someone. Inspiration is the feeling of enthusiasm you get when someone of something gives you new ideas to achieve something. Inspiration should serve as a motivator to achieve your goals.


Motivation is the act or process; it is the stimulus and forces to move our goals.

Motivation comes in two ways intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic (internal) motivation is the force in us that drives us to achieve and prosper. Extrinsic (external) motivation is the force outside of us that such as inspiration that drives us to achieve and prosper.

Both type of motivation works hand in hand because without internal need, wants and desire then the outside factors will not push us to work towards achieving those needs, wants and desire.

Inspiration is a feeling that motivates you to take action.  In order to act on your inspiration you need to have a motive as to why you will act. 

Inspiration is a driving force will motivation is a pulling force.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

#ThankfulThursday- Be Kind

Acts of kindness can brighten up the darkest of days and leave a lasting impression on the receiver. 

It is important to be kind because you will meet and interact with people who are different from you. It is also important to be kind because it will make you feel good about yourself. 

Kindness can reduce stress; when you are being kind to others you are focusing less on yourself and more on others, which will help to reduce your stress factor.

Here are a few way to spread kindness on this #thankfulThursday;

  • Use kind words when you speak
  • Spread the kindness you have received
  • Practice kindness
  • Be kind to all, not just a selected few
  • Be mindful of how you treat others/ try not to discriminate
  • Set a good example of kindness
  • Smile and acknowledge others
  • Be courteous and polite

On this day I am thankful for the small acts of kindness I received this morning during a a very stressful commute.  

Monday, February 25, 2019

The Importance of Determination

Determination is the firmness of purpose and resoluteness. It is the sense of making up ones mind about achieving something.

Why is determination important?

With determination we increase our chance of being successful in a particular thing or with a particular goal; it helps us to stay motivated as we continue striving towards that particular goal.

How do we show determination?

Being Committed- Having a well thought out plan that creates the best path to achieving your goals. Once you have the plan in place do not deviate from it to give yourself the best chance for success.

Be deliberate in our actions- Never leave anything down to luck. Use your circumstance to guide and fuel your intention; don't just choose the easiest path or allow for helplessness.

Limit your choices- Don’t get caught up with having too much choices, because they will become distractions and detractors from your goal. 

Have personal values- Personal values give you the purpose to stay true to your goals no matter how hard or improbable attaining then may seem.

Encourage yourself- Self Affirmations can help you to have more willpower, develop self-control and therefore be able to stay determined to achieving your goals.

To achieve your goals you need determination and willpower which are both intrinsic motivation.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Live Your Best Life

What on Earth is meant by “living your best life”, and how do we achieve it? Why does it seem like so many people other than us are living their best life?

So what actually is our best life and how do we live it?

The most important word in the phrase is “your”.

Are you happy with your current life?

Is it what you always thought it would be?

If you aren’t saying yes to these questions then you need to take charge of your life. Our life shouldn’t be about what happens to us, but instead should be about how we react to the happenings of life.

It’s time to get serious and make choice/decisions that aid us in living our best life.

-Figure out what’s most important to you

-Look at you own values honestly and objectively

-What do you need to be satisfied in your life?

Once you’ve got it figured out then you can go about crafting your best life, by using these tips.

Set intentions- When you set intentions, you are more likely to act with purpose and in turn be successful in achieving what you set out to do.

Visualize your goals- Visualize the goals you want to achieve, because once you have a clear vision of those goals it will be easier to take actions.

Meditate- Meditating will help to bring clarity and aid us in get back in tune with our inner selves. While it may be hard to sit still for an hour, starting with a daily practice of ten minutes to self-reflect will do us a world of good.

Take a Trip- While money and work could be a hindrance to taking a trip, taking the time away can contribute to the feeling of living a fulfilled life.  It doesn’t have to an expensive trip and a month long trip, but going camping, going on a road trip or traveling to a another city for a night out can help to break up the everyday routine of your life.

Practice self-love- Creating your best life won’t happen if you neglect yourself. Whatever habits that make you feel good such as exercise, taking a bath, do more of those things.

Invest in your health- Taking a conscious step towards a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically is essential to an overall feeling of well-being.  When you feel good you’ll look good and when you look good you’ll feel good.

Educating yourself- When you are intellectual stimulated, you are likely to feel productive in other areas of your life. Reading the newspaper or picking up a book can stimulate not only your mind but it may inspire you to take actions.

Each of these can help to improve your life. You can tackle each tips one at a time or incorporate all at once, however you choose you can benefit from these steps to achieve your best life.

Take chances, take risk, try new things, and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

I’m Thankful for Spring

I give thanks for this vibrant season especially after the long cold dreary weather too many of us had to endure. I’m grateful for spr...