HairCare Regimen

I have always wanted to have long flowing hair but never thought or knew what to do to achieve my desire. So after combing through hours of you tube videos and read pages and pages on blogs I crafted a regimen that I believe will get me there.

I have two wash days per week because of my exercise regimen.

Mid-Week Wash Day

  •  Co-wash with a conditioning shampoo
  •  Condition with a moisturizing conditioner
  •  Apply a leave-in conditioner  and air dry
  •  Moisturize and seal with my oils
  • Blow dry on cool and roller set

Wash Day

  • Hot oil treatment with my oil mix (coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and castor oil)/ or prepoo with oil and conditioner combination
  • Shampoo with a cleansing shampoo ( I only lather once)
  • Tea rinse with my tea rinse mix (black tea)
  • Deep condition with a mild protein conditioner or a deep conditioner
  • Apply my leave-in conditioner and air dry
  • Moisturize and seal with my oils 
  • Blow dry on cool and roller set/ roller set and dry under bonnet dryer

Daily Care (ok nightly)

  • Moisturize and seal with my oils
  • Roller set ( yes I'm obsessed)

  • I relax ( texlax) every four months (12 to 16 weeks) 
  • A hard protein a week before my relaxer day and mild protein on relaxer day

I don't subscribe to the no combing have my hair in protective style club because I love to enjoy the my achievements.


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