Fitness and Health

I am not an expert in neither fitness nor health, so I will only will chronicle my journey getting fit and healthy.

I am a member and a really wonderful gym Equalizer Fitness in Yonkers NY, it has the feeling of family, it is a clean and beautiful place not to mention is a judgement free zone.

I try going three to four times per week and I normally take on of the various classes they offer.

So here are my favorites:

  • Spin (cycling) for a girl who does not know how to ride a bike, I spend a lot of time in spin class
  • Kickboxing ( love, love this but I'm directional challenged)
  • Body Pump ( I get my weight training in with jostling with the men in the weights area)
  • Piloxing (yep never heard of it before; it is a combination of boxing and Pilates (a great work out)
  • Surfer Ads ( now I know why surfers has such beautiful bodies) 
I rotate my favorite on a weekly basis and I would love to run/walk a 5K so I'm working on building up my cardio and running time.

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