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Monday, February 25, 2019

The Importance of Determination

Determination is the firmness of purpose and resoluteness. It is the sense of making up ones mind about achieving something.

Why is determination important?

With determination we increase our chance of being successful in a particular thing or with a particular goal; it helps us to stay motivated as we continue striving towards that particular goal.

How do we show determination?

Being Committed- Having a well thought out plan that creates the best path to achieving your goals. Once you have the plan in place do not deviate from it to give yourself the best chance for success.

Be deliberate in our actions- Never leave anything down to luck. Use your circumstance to guide and fuel your intention; don't just choose the easiest path or allow for helplessness.

Limit your choices- Don’t get caught up with having too much choices, because they will become distractions and detractors from your goal. 

Have personal values- Personal values give you the purpose to stay true to your goals no matter how hard or improbable attaining then may seem.

Encourage yourself- Self Affirmations can help you to have more willpower, develop self-control and therefore be able to stay determined to achieving your goals.

To achieve your goals you need determination and willpower which are both intrinsic motivation.

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