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Monday, February 4, 2019

#Motivation- Be Skeptical

To be Skeptical one needs to be questioning, not easily convinced and having reservations.

Skepticism is the practice of freedom; the more we question things the less we will worry about them. The world is full of ideas and notions that are cluttering our mental space, so by questioning there relevance in our lives and can give the ones worthy of our attention, the attention they deserves.

Some would say that being a skeptic can get a little old, but isn’t it better to think for yourself instead of blindly believing? Our belief can be a bias to be a new idea or concept, but once we remove that bias we can objectively take in information that can alter or change a concept.

Most people view skepticism in a negative light, but a skeptic isn’t necessary a doubtful person, but is a person who seeks to understand the world for themselves.

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