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Friday, February 8, 2019

Chronological vs Biological Age

Chronological age refers to the amount of time a person has being alive, this does not change no matter how healthy our lifestyle.  Biological age is measure of how well or poorly your body is functioning in comparison to your actual age.
How well we age is dependent on a number of factors including genetics. The main factors that can slow or speed up our biological age are lifestyle, genetics, and location.


Having healthy habits can significantly impact your biological age. These can include,

  •          Exercise Habits
  •          Eating habits
  •          Stress levels
  •          Amount of sleep
  •          Relationships


We did not get to choose our gene pool therefore hereditary diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure can be a significant contributor to your biological age. Genetics also play a factor in the rate we age, while some people age rapidly others will age at a slower rate or a more gradual rate.  That’s the reason you can meet two persons who are 40 and one will seem much older.


Where we live plays an influential role on our biological age. The environment and culture you live in will impact your healthy habits.  Communities that have the resources will have access to healthier food options and tends to have less stress.

Biological age is measure using resting heart rate, blood pressure, visual perception, easy of doing daily task, muscle strength and general mobility. This means your biological age can be higher than your chronological age. If this is the case, it would simple means it would be the opportune time to make positive lifestyle changes.

Having a low biological age goes hand in hand with longevity, so incorporating healthy habits such as daily exercise, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and reducing you stress level can add years to your life.

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