Monday, January 7, 2019

Word of 2019- Nurture

Each January holds the promise of greatness, may word for 2019 is NURTURE. This year I will nurture my physical, emotional and financial health.

Nurturing my physical health will include exercise, diet and fashion.While I have being exercising and maintaining my general health, my intent it to include a diet plan and update my general fashion sense.

To nurture my emotional health, I will continue with my meditation. Meditation has help me so much in the past year that I will certainly continue to use it while learning different techniques.

The past year my financials took quite a beating so this year I will nurture it back to health.

 I don't make resolution, however I do make yearly goals and i try my best to accomplish each one.

Here's a list of the goals i seek to accomplish in 2019

maintain a monthly goal checklist
- have a daily mantra
- create a savings plan
- create and maintain a budget
- raise my credit score
- declutter my home
- create a more comprehensive exercise plan

Wishing you all a happy New Year and hope that you have the opportunity to accomplish all the goals you set for yourselves.


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