}); relaxed and healthy: #ThankfulThursday- The Opportunity to Try Again

Thursday, January 31, 2019

#ThankfulThursday- The Opportunity to Try Again

I am thankful for the opportunity to try again. 

Falling down is inevitable in life but getting back up after a misstep can cause us pain and discomfort. When we view it as an opportunity to try again, we’ll will pick ourselves up and use it as fertilizer to a new opportunity. Depending on the challenge or obstacle you can try again in the same way or fins a new approach.

When faced with a setback here are six tools to aid you in your comeback;
  •  Keep your failure in proper perspective
  •  Have compassion for yourself
  •  Be grateful for your setback
  • Acknowledge your strengths
  • Acknowledge your self-worth
  • Acknowledge your weakness

For some people a setback is a permanent deterrent from success. Use your setback as an opportunity to get to know yourself better and to comeback better.

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