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Thursday, January 17, 2019

#ThankfulThursday: Embrace Challenges

Embrace challenges and use it as an opportunity to grow.

To embrace something is to welcome it with open arms, hold, hug, and accept completely.  Challenges are an inevitable part of life, whether it is times, people or circumstances.  When these challenges occur it can feel very unfair or even be devastating.

How we deal with changes will dictate what course our lives will take.  Have you ever wondered how two people can experience the same tragedy and one somehow comes out stronger, while the other crumbles?  The difference comes down to how they view the world and what techniques they use to transform challenges into opportunity and growth.

While there isn’t any hard or fast rule, there are a few ways that can use your challenges as an opportunity for growth:

Have an Open Mind- When we are open to changes and have the willingness to move forward, then that is exactly what we will do when we are faced with challenges. The opposite is also true, if we have a closed mind regarding any issue we will not seek to enact change. We have to give ourselves permission to push pass our comfort zone. Life can be amazing if move pass our discomfort and chose to experience it fully.

Adopt a New Perspective- Changing our views and what we hold to be “truth” can be extremely hard but once we adopt a new perspective it can be quite liberating. Sometimes the truth we have live by no longer serves us well, this is where the willingness to change becomes important.  When we practice looking at life from different viewpoints, then the ability to open new doors of opportunity with fresh new hopeful possibilities will happen.

Be Courageous- Having the courage to transform and grow will lift our spirit and give us a sense of well-being. As children we weren’t afraid of a dare or a challenge, so why not use that same eagerness to learn and grow? We are surrounded by so much incredible things and people therefore, have the courage to be inquisitive so we find the inspiration to move forward.

Be Honest- In order to move forward we have to first be honest with ourselves.  Too often we put on that brave face that says “all is well” which gives the illusion to everyone around us that all is well. If we are honest with ourselves we will them live in a place of honor and integrity. When we speak and live our truth, that consistency will help us feel our inner strength and in turn give us the strength to face challenges.

After all, what most of us want is to feel good, feel understood and to be loved. So have an open mind, adopt a new perspective, be courageous and be honest in order to experience these.
Each of us has the opportunity to change and grow until our very last breath.

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