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Monday, January 28, 2019

#Motivational : Choose Joy

I choose Joy, not because my life is always good or without chaos, but because no matter how bad it gets God is always there. 

 What it means to be Joyful?

Joy isn’t a fleeting happiness, but it is instead a deep anchor that keeps us from dwelling on the bitterness of life. Brokenness, anger, disappointments, frustration can rob us of our joy and harden our heart. When we boldly accept the pain, the disappointments and thank God for the baptism by fire, we come out stronger.  In choosing Joy we have to be thankful that these trials are for our good and a bigger purpose yet to be seen.

My Joy affects others

Walking through life with a joyful attitude will directly affect everyone you come into contact with.  A smile or a quick hello can brightens someone’s day. I’m not suggesting that we don’t all have bad days, but instead I’m suggesting even on those days remember that higher powers are at play and I’m always rooting for Good.


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