}); relaxed and healthy: Body Positive and Self Love

Friday, January 11, 2019

Body Positive and Self Love

These days everyone is aware of the body positivity movement, which seeks to promote acceptance and health regardless of size. This movement seeks to counter the diet and fatphobia that is so ingrained in our culture. The body positive movement is essential an anti diet movement that preaches that a healthy weight or an healthy body does not have a universal maker.

Is body positivity and self  love the same thing? 

I think they go hand in hand however I do believe they are two separate ideas.  Self love is thinking of oneself first and thinking of your own well being.  As humans we tend to take care of our love ones first  and too often we forget to give ourselves some love. Self love is important because it promotes happiness and helps us to be more self aware.

Body positivity is rooted in the belief that we should have a positive outlook of our bodies and the bodies of others. Feeling good in the body you have today without the idea that you can only enjoy your body when you have made certain changes to it.

Where does fitness fit in within the body positivity mantra?

Sometimes it is unclear where fitness fits in with the body positive movement. It's not that you can't be body positive and be fit minded at the same time. The reason behind being fit or getting fit is the issue. The motivation for working out matters when it comes to being body positive. Working out to fit into the commercial standard of what a body should look like or working out because it k-makes you feel good should always be considered. So wanting to move more or because it brings you happiness is indeed being body positive.

Here are a few tips to ensure you enjoy and view you body in a positive way. 

  • Don't expect your body to be perfect
  • Think about the things you like about your body
  • Think of the things you can do with your body
  • Shift your focus to a more positive outlook
  • Stop comparing yourself to others; there is only one you
  • Keep your body clean and groomed
  • Eats good foods ( good nutrition is a great way to take care of your body)
  • Get proper sleep ( a well rested body is a healthy body)
  • Be active ( incorporate activities into you daily life, such as visiting the museum)
  • Reward your body ( getting a massage or a facial or great ways to feel good)
  • Get clothes confident ( don't be afraid to try on new styles and looks)
  • Most of all BE POSITIVE

Do not put off enjoying the body of today or punishing it because it's a working in progress. 

What are some of the thing you do to foster Self Love and Body Positivity?


  1. Proper sleep is the one thing I really need to get more of this year! Thanks for the inspiration xx Maria

    1. Your Welcome... Sleep is so important, hopefully you find a way to get proper sleep.


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