Thursday, January 31, 2019

#ThankfulThursday- The Opportunity to Try Again

I am thankful for the opportunity to try again. 

Falling down is inevitable in life but getting back up after a misstep can cause us pain and discomfort. When we view it as an opportunity to try again, we’ll will pick ourselves up and use it as fertilizer to a new opportunity. Depending on the challenge or obstacle you can try again in the same way or fins a new approach.

When faced with a setback here are six tools to aid you in your comeback;
  •  Keep your failure in proper perspective
  •  Have compassion for yourself
  •  Be grateful for your setback
  • Acknowledge your strengths
  • Acknowledge your self-worth
  • Acknowledge your weakness

For some people a setback is a permanent deterrent from success. Use your setback as an opportunity to get to know yourself better and to comeback better.

Monday, January 28, 2019

#Motivational : Choose Joy

I choose Joy, not because my life is always good or without chaos, but because no matter how bad it gets God is always there. 

 What it means to be Joyful?

Joy isn’t a fleeting happiness, but it is instead a deep anchor that keeps us from dwelling on the bitterness of life. Brokenness, anger, disappointments, frustration can rob us of our joy and harden our heart. When we boldly accept the pain, the disappointments and thank God for the baptism by fire, we come out stronger.  In choosing Joy we have to be thankful that these trials are for our good and a bigger purpose yet to be seen.

My Joy affects others

Walking through life with a joyful attitude will directly affect everyone you come into contact with.  A smile or a quick hello can brightens someone’s day. I’m not suggesting that we don’t all have bad days, but instead I’m suggesting even on those days remember that higher powers are at play and I’m always rooting for Good.


Friday, January 25, 2019

Ipsy Glam Bag Review- January 2019

The Bag

A cotton blue and white stripe and zipper top.

I'm not a fan of this month's bag, but hey, it's a bag. And like all ipsy bags it is totally usable.

Skin & Co- Truffle Therapy Face Gommage

This practically delish, luxurious exfoliating cream gently lifts away dead skin while delivering healthy ingredients and intense hydration to your skin. Truffle extract helps maintain your skin's moisture levels while apricot oil buff away dullness.

My Take- This is a really good exfoliating cream, the smell is heavenly and it is not harsh and does give you a proper intense cleaning. My skin felt clean and fresh after use. 

The Balm Cosmetics- Blush in Bare Minium

It might be called "bare minium" but this blush is everything but . The warm peachy shade immediately wakes up your entire face and gives you that radiant, lit-from-within glow in a snap. The formula is triple milled, which means it's super blendable and ultra pigmented.

My Take- While it may say bare minium, the peachy shade is just right for soft dewy look.  I will certainly purchased this in full size.

Illamasqua- Colouring Pencil Crayon in Lust

This creamy lip liner is so versatile, we don't know how we ever lived without it. This long-wearing wonder prevents lip colors from bleeding, smudging, and smearing. The rich rose shade works with literally all of your lip colors.

My Take- This lip liner is easy to apply and the color is really beautiful.  I will definately be using it on a regular basis.

Naked Cosmetics- Heavy Metal #06

This loose powder shadow is formulated with high grade 100 percent oxidized mica. This means crazy vibrant pigment without any filler ( like talc, oil or wax). And since our beauty spotted bold blue lids all over the runways at New York Fashion Week we're super stoked to have this cobalt lor in our kits to try out the trend.

My Take- This shadow is a really beautiful color ( and in one of my favorite color) however, i find it was easier to apply when applied wet. I will be added it to my rotation. 

H2O + Beauty- Oasis Hydrating Treatment

Cold outside air + dry indoor heating can really suck the moisture out of your skin. This hydrating treatment that's made with water lily extract ( to lock in moisture) and sea grass extract ( to condition and improve texture). It doubles skin's hydration levels and maintains them for up to 24 hours.

My Take- This is a every hydrating moisturizer, but i wasn't a fun of the smell.  i probably will not be using it again.

5 ways to squeeze exercise in to your day

As a working mother and a wife getting time for me is scarce commodity. Some days it seems that I’m running a marathon from the time I wake up until I go to sleep. Between work, homework, relationships, blogging, keeping the house in order finding time for exercise can be a struggle.

But as busy as we are, we will find time for catching up on our favorite shows or time for social networking. So why not squeeze in some time in for exercise?  We all have reasons for not exercising but it all comes down to time management and the desire to put the time in. 
However, we need to know what the cost of having a sedentary lifestyle is; it is time at the doctors, its money for medications, it the complications from lifestyle disease such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
If you want to exercise you will make time and leave the excuses at the door.

Be an active TV watcher- When I’m watching TV/Netflix use it as an opportunity to be active. When I’m watching live TV, every commercial break I use it as an opportunity mix in a brief cardio interval; run in place or do some burpees or jumping jacks. IF it is Netflix or other streaming service every ten minutes I take a two minute break to do squats, chair dips, and lunges.

Take a Walk- Instead of sitting at your desk surfing the internet or playing games at lunch time, why not go take a fifteen minute walk. The fresh air and endorphins will be beneficial and even make you more creative.

Always take the stairs- While this is an old one, taking the stairs will raise your heart rate and help to get your steps in.

-Train At Home- Pull out those old DVDs and do a thirty minute workout, or find a quick workout on YouTube to get some exercise in. The best part of it is that you can stop and start them whenever you need to.

Schedule in Gym time- Scheduling your exercise by making it the same day and time each week where it will become a habit. Since exercise isn’t always enjoyable doing it at a regular time and day will take away the though process and make it easier.

What have do you do to squeeze in fitness/exercise into your already busy day?

Thursday, January 24, 2019

#ThankfulThursday- Be Yourself

                                                         What does it mean to “Be Yourself”?

Being yourself means, to be genuine in the things you do, the things you believe in and wants to be accepted for. Being yourself in a world where conformity is the norm, you don’t have to be like the majority you can be who you choose to be, it’s your choice.

In order to be yourself you have to understand what being yourself truly means.

First it should start with how you relate to yourself and secondly how you relate to others
- Don’t worry about what people think- Listen to the opinions of others but don’t let their opinions push you into directions that are opposite where you intended.

- Don’t compare yourself with others- A person may look more successful than you but they may have more problems than you can even imagine. Comparing yourself with others is pointless unless you have all the necessary information to make such a comparison.

-Having the courage to chase your dreams- Workout what your likes and dislikes are, what passions drive you and have the courage to go after them.

-Respect – Not everyone is like you or thinks like you so while it fine to disagree with another person’s opinion, respecting their opinion goes a long way in fostering good relationships.

- Give yourself permission to say NO- No is a perfectly good answer, took often we say yes just because that is what is expected. Don’t put yourself last just to make others feel comfortable.

- Knowing your self-worth- Knowing your value is essential to being a whole human being, who doesn’t have to compromise who they are just to fit in.

--Having strong convictions- The good comes with the bad so be prepared to have an open attitude and not hide behind a facade, so you can enjoy your life.

You don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note. Have the courage to be genuine in every situation, so you can be the best version of yourself.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

#ThankfulThursday: Embrace Challenges

Embrace challenges and use it as an opportunity to grow.

To embrace something is to welcome it with open arms, hold, hug, and accept completely.  Challenges are an inevitable part of life, whether it is times, people or circumstances.  When these challenges occur it can feel very unfair or even be devastating.

How we deal with changes will dictate what course our lives will take.  Have you ever wondered how two people can experience the same tragedy and one somehow comes out stronger, while the other crumbles?  The difference comes down to how they view the world and what techniques they use to transform challenges into opportunity and growth.

While there isn’t any hard or fast rule, there are a few ways that can use your challenges as an opportunity for growth:

Have an Open Mind- When we are open to changes and have the willingness to move forward, then that is exactly what we will do when we are faced with challenges. The opposite is also true, if we have a closed mind regarding any issue we will not seek to enact change. We have to give ourselves permission to push pass our comfort zone. Life can be amazing if move pass our discomfort and chose to experience it fully.

Adopt a New Perspective- Changing our views and what we hold to be “truth” can be extremely hard but once we adopt a new perspective it can be quite liberating. Sometimes the truth we have live by no longer serves us well, this is where the willingness to change becomes important.  When we practice looking at life from different viewpoints, then the ability to open new doors of opportunity with fresh new hopeful possibilities will happen.

Be Courageous- Having the courage to transform and grow will lift our spirit and give us a sense of well-being. As children we weren’t afraid of a dare or a challenge, so why not use that same eagerness to learn and grow? We are surrounded by so much incredible things and people therefore, have the courage to be inquisitive so we find the inspiration to move forward.

Be Honest- In order to move forward we have to first be honest with ourselves.  Too often we put on that brave face that says “all is well” which gives the illusion to everyone around us that all is well. If we are honest with ourselves we will them live in a place of honor and integrity. When we speak and live our truth, that consistency will help us feel our inner strength and in turn give us the strength to face challenges.

After all, what most of us want is to feel good, feel understood and to be loved. So have an open mind, adopt a new perspective, be courageous and be honest in order to experience these.
Each of us has the opportunity to change and grow until our very last breath.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Motivation: Some see a weed

Looking at a dandelion one person will see a weed and another will see a wish, which pretty much sums up how we view the world. Life is about perspective and these perspective affects our lives. Our
perspective will change over time as our lives, surroundings and interactions change.

If you are looking for good you'll find good and the opposite is true. Having an open mind will give you a positive perspective and vice a versa. Therefore perspective is based on perception and perceptions are based on perspectives.

So the next time you see a dandelion, will you see a weed or an opportunity to make a wish?

Friday, January 11, 2019

Body Positive and Self Love

These days everyone is aware of the body positivity movement, which seeks to promote acceptance and health regardless of size. This movement seeks to counter the diet and fatphobia that is so ingrained in our culture. The body positive movement is essential an anti diet movement that preaches that a healthy weight or an healthy body does not have a universal maker.

Is body positivity and self  love the same thing? 

I think they go hand in hand however I do believe they are two separate ideas.  Self love is thinking of oneself first and thinking of your own well being.  As humans we tend to take care of our love ones first  and too often we forget to give ourselves some love. Self love is important because it promotes happiness and helps us to be more self aware.

Body positivity is rooted in the belief that we should have a positive outlook of our bodies and the bodies of others. Feeling good in the body you have today without the idea that you can only enjoy your body when you have made certain changes to it.

Where does fitness fit in within the body positivity mantra?

Sometimes it is unclear where fitness fits in with the body positive movement. It's not that you can't be body positive and be fit minded at the same time. The reason behind being fit or getting fit is the issue. The motivation for working out matters when it comes to being body positive. Working out to fit into the commercial standard of what a body should look like or working out because it k-makes you feel good should always be considered. So wanting to move more or because it brings you happiness is indeed being body positive.

Here are a few tips to ensure you enjoy and view you body in a positive way. 

  • Don't expect your body to be perfect
  • Think about the things you like about your body
  • Think of the things you can do with your body
  • Shift your focus to a more positive outlook
  • Stop comparing yourself to others; there is only one you
  • Keep your body clean and groomed
  • Eats good foods ( good nutrition is a great way to take care of your body)
  • Get proper sleep ( a well rested body is a healthy body)
  • Be active ( incorporate activities into you daily life, such as visiting the museum)
  • Reward your body ( getting a massage or a facial or great ways to feel good)
  • Get clothes confident ( don't be afraid to try on new styles and looks)
  • Most of all BE POSITIVE

Do not put off enjoying the body of today or punishing it because it's a working in progress. 

What are some of the thing you do to foster Self Love and Body Positivity?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

#Thankful Thursday: Just Breathe

#Thankful Thursday: Just Breathe

Every now and then we tend to get in the “why me?” mood. Where we forget to be happy, grateful or even thankful for all the wonderful things we are blessed with.

We can still be going about our daily lives but feel that we aren’t in the place we should be, therefore missing out on enjoying the little moments. You may not be where you’d like to be in your life but try dwell on it. Instead use it as a springboard to get you to the next level and in turn get you to where you want to be.

So on this Thursday be thankful for the small things in your life; and remember even though you are not where you want to be, Just Breathe.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Word of 2019- Nurture

Each January holds the promise of greatness, may word for 2019 is NURTURE. This year I will nurture my physical, emotional and financial health.

Nurturing my physical health will include exercise, diet and fashion.While I have being exercising and maintaining my general health, my intent it to include a diet plan and update my general fashion sense.

To nurture my emotional health, I will continue with my meditation. Meditation has help me so much in the past year that I will certainly continue to use it while learning different techniques.

The past year my financials took quite a beating so this year I will nurture it back to health.

 I don't make resolution, however I do make yearly goals and i try my best to accomplish each one.

Here's a list of the goals i seek to accomplish in 2019

maintain a monthly goal checklist
- have a daily mantra
- create a savings plan
- create and maintain a budget
- raise my credit score
- declutter my home
- create a more comprehensive exercise plan

Wishing you all a happy New Year and hope that you have the opportunity to accomplish all the goals you set for yourselves.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Look Back 2018

2018 was certainly a year of many changes and exciting new experiences. As I look back and reflect on the 365 days of 2018, I realize no matter how much you want to plan out your future the reality is sometimes much more exciting and tumultuous than you can even imagine.

I received 2018 hoping (yeah immigration sucks) that by Easter my fiancé and I will no longer be living in separate countries. This meant that I have a wedding to plan and to make preparation for him to move here. What we didn’t realized at the beginning of the process was that immigration was so costly, so a big wedding was now in the distant future.

After enjoying ourselves and doing a lot of first we got the curveball of all time, my mother-in-law passed away suddenly from a battle with cancer.  If you have never seen a grown man weep, I pray you never have to; I felt so helpless and had no idea how to comfort him. However we made it through and came out stronger.

My favorite part of 2018 was spending the last eight months with my husband and getting to know each other better and learning how to be a cohesive unit.

So without future ado here’s a recap on the happening in my life in 2018.


New Year’s and my husbands (then finance) birthday are a few days apart, and I was feeling a little down because he’s there and I’m here.  To make matters worse it was one of the coldest winter in a while so winter blues was kicking in. Here comes February and I was like another Valentine’ day apart. Moreover, USCIS (US Customs and Immigration Services) sent a notice saying they needed additional evidence regarding our petition. I was so ready to be over with this waiting and lack of info, but the government doesn’t work on my timetable. A few days into March we got the news we’ve waiting for, our petition was approved. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited in my entire life.


With the advent of April the next step in the immigration process began with a fervor. While I was happy that we are finally nearing the finish line, the stress was getting to me. To break up the stress and anticipation of whether the US embassy in Kingston will issue his visa, I planned a three day trip for my son and I to visit DC and take in the cherry blossoms.  This was such an awesome experience, the different monuments was certainly an eye opener. The cherry blossom was at peak bloom, so it was exquisite.
The trip to DC was what I need, I was able to relaxed and enjoy the journey.  After nine months of dealing with USCIS and the State department may fiancé had a visa. On April 27 my fiancé (now husband) stepped off the plane at JFK in New York. I was so surreal, I wondered if I was dreaming.


After spending a few weeks to settling in we decided to forgo a big wedding and just do something intimate with just my mom and my son (he’s doesn’t have any immediate family here). Hence the Baker’s was established on May 25. It was such a beautiful sunny and warm day; just perfect if you asked me.  We went to the courthouse say our I Do’s then went to City Island to have a perfect “reception”. The four of us (us including my mom and son) had such a time, I couldn’t ask for more.

Spend my first birthday with him as husband and wife was great, and it cemented how much we enjoyed each other's company. My birthday celebration included a nice dinner followed by a concert in the park, which is exactly my speed.


Ah the summer months, my favorite time of year.  We decided that we will trying to take in as much local sites and scenes which is exactly what we did.  We went to amusement parks, took in local bars and clubs, visited farms etc.  Had date nights in New York City where we visited local sites and eat at nice restaurants. We enjoyed a weekend trip in which we checked out the New York State fair, toured Syracuse University and took in the American side of Niagara Falls.  


On October 12 we got the worst news, my mother-in-law died unexpectedly.  I have never felt so helpless in my life, my husband was inconsolable. Until you see a grown man cries for his mother you will not understand the love a child has a parent.  While we knew she was battling cancer her prognosis was good but God knows best.  However, the bad news wasn’t over yet in less than twenty-four hours he would lose his aunt to the same disease. After weeks of making arrangement and fighting with the powers be we were able to get everything organized. Flying back to Jamaica to bury his mom and aunt was so heartbreaking that i am not sure how we survive but we did. However, that say what break you makes you stronger, and I do believe this brought us closer.

November- December

Happy Thanksgiving, my husband was so excited to celebrate his first Thanksgiving, so I made sure to go all out to make extra special. He really enjoyed our first Thanksgiving together and looks forward to help with the cooking and prepping next year.

Merry Christmas, spending the holidays as a family is extra special to me because my family means the world to me. Christmas morning is always a fun time in our house and having him experience it was super awesome.

I am looking forward to 2019 and all the special memories that we will make together.   

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