Thursday, March 8, 2018

International Women's Day 2018

Today March 8th is International Women’s Day; the year’s slogan is “Press for Progress” #pressforprogress.

In recent months we have seen the avalanche of sexual misconducts, sexual assault and inappropriate sexual advance coming to light.  We have seen the #metoo movement gaining momentum, and women are using their voices hoping that real changes are happening and will continue to do so.  In light of all this I often question if all this will be a trend and will quietly die down and no real changes will be made.

There is a very strong call for gender parity; and as a community we need to act, call for, motivate, unite and be gender inclusive.  We should stop teaching our girls to “act like a lady”; what does that even mean?  Instead we need to teach then that they are powerful, they are strong, they are leaders, and they can be bosses without being equated to be a man. 

We can press for progress in gender parity in the following ways

·         Maintain a gender parity mindset

·         Challenge stereotypes and biases

·         Forge positive visibility for women

·         Influence others beliefs or actions

·         Celebrate women’s achievements

All day, everyday progress is being made by women all around the world. Let us continue to work tirelessly within our communities to change women lives for the better.

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