Monday, February 5, 2018

Mending Fences

The idiom mending fences have many definitions, such as:

-Find a solution to a disagreement with somebody

-Rectify a damaged relationship or improve a relationship

-Make peace with a person

At the heart of it, it’s finding a way to move past the hurt, disappointment and angry.  While it is not easy, holding on to grudges and hurt feelings can be like traditions if we are not careful.


Should we mend fences even when we really don’t want to?

Sometimes the hurt can be so systematic that the thought of forgiving a person who wronged us can leave us feeling, as if we are asked to climb Mount Everest.  Holding grudges can be so destructive, not only to you but even so much more when grudges are been held within families.  Yes we should seek to make amends even when we don’t want to, because most of the time the reason behind it all is just a misinterpretation of the facts.  I once stopped talking to my best friend because I ask her to wear red and she didn’t; I felt if she had cared about me she would have.  Months later she explained to me that what she had planned to wear did not fit; of course I felt stupid and petty. 

Why we should stop holding on to grudges and hurt feelings?

Letting go of grudges is habit forming just like holding a grudge. Feeling hurt is natural however if we refuse to let that grudge lodge in our gut and instead seeking to let it go our whole life and by extension would be more fulfilling. Losing the friendship of a friend or a love one can leave is feeling or living with regret. 

While it is not ease to ask for forgiveness or to forgive however the other side of it all is PEACE. 

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