Monday, January 22, 2018

New Year's Resolution -2018

I have always shy away from making New Year’s resolutions because honestly until about three or so years ago I wasn’t a person who sticks to anything.  I lacked motivation and drive, however after spending the last few years making myself accountable, I am pretty confident that I can achieve these goals.

·         Read one book per week

·         Meditate thirty minutes per day

·         Refrain from giving my opinion when it is not requested

·         Put my energy into my blog by blog as often as possible

 Read one book per week- I love reading but the past year I haven’t done it as often as I used to because I was putting my energy elsewhere.  My goal is to read 52 books by the end of the year.

Meditate thirty minutes per day- I saw a piece on Good Morning America with Dan Harris regarding the benefits of meditating and it had me reflecting on how calm I was when I medicated every day.  My goal is to meditate at least thirty minutes at the end of each day. 

Refrain from giving unsolicited opinions- Don’t we all hate those people who has an opinion about every living thing?  Unfortunately I’m one of those people (hangs head in shame).  My goal this year is to keep my unsolicited opinions to myself and limit how much of an opinion I have even when solicited.

Start loving my Blog again- I wrote quite a lot in 2017 but I did not published one post on this here blog (not one). Why? Because I was so busy trying to push through the twist and turns of 2017 to make the time to blog. However, 2018 will be different I will be publishing much more this year about all that interest me.
If you have goal for this new year just know you’ll mess up, you’ll make mistake, fall off track and its okay.  After all we are human and progress is not measured by rigidity but by being consistent. 


Monday, January 15, 2018

2017 A Year of Contradictions

The 2017 year started off on the right note, I woke up attend New Year’s church service spent the afternoon with my grandparents. The following day had a great day with my son, my sisters, my niece, my nephew and the rest of the family.  Flew home the next morning on a high and settle in to have a fabulous year, if only I knew what the next few months would bring. 

It did not take too long for the wheels to start coming off, first my soon to be mother-in-law ends up in the hospital to undergo cancer treatment. To make matters worse she was my 90 year old grandparents’ caretaker. So while supporting my now fiancée, I am worried about the care of these two special people. Within a few weeks my grandfather’s health started to deteriorate and both ends up in a nursing home.  His health stabilized and they were able to return home but within days the situation go worst and the decision was made to remove them permanently from their home. 

Whew January and February is done and things will start to stabilize (was my thinking).  However, the universe was like not yet.  At the end of March I was laid off, within five days of purchasing a new car. I didn’t know if I should cry or rejoice, because I had planned on seeking a new job or cry because I have this new expense and no income in the immediate future.  I decided to take my time a job hunt for a position that I really like and not just take the first one offered.  In the interim I had the time to take up back running (running on a cool spring morning is the best) and get so much needed mental rest.  You see the stress of my now fiancée mother being sick and my grandfather’s illness was putting a huge strain on our relationship. And it doesn’t help that we are fighting so much long distance, because it takes longer to resolve minor misunderstanding.

Here comes April and my relationship is on the mend, my job search is picking up steam and wham my grandfather is in the hospital and the prayers begins.  His prognosis wasn’t good but he pulled through and we all breathe a sigh of relief but it was short lived; on April 24th at around 2 pm EST my beloved grandfather took his last breath.  These words “He’s gone” will forever hold mystique of disbelief.  In the five weeks it took to book tickets and make arraignments, I ran an average six miles a day because I couldn't cry and the sadness was too heavy. 

My job hunt came to a screeching halt, because I just didn’t know how to cope so I spent my mornings running and the afternoons sleeping to escape my new reality.  After attending his funeral and seeing my love I was able to put things in prospective and pick up where I left off and began job hunting feverishly. After three weeks of send hundreds of resume and doing dozens of interviews I landed a position that I’m really excited about.

2017 was the year I turned the big 4-0h and got engagedto man who loves me beyond my craziness. Even though we may not see eye to eye and the long distance is trying at times our future as a unit is bright.  As I look forward towards what 2018 will bring I hope I will have the mentally fortitude and physical strength to tackle whatever the universe throws my way, be it great joy or great sadness.

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