Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Transition: One Year Later

June 14, 2016 marks one year since I got my last relaxer.  On that date a year ago I did not set out to transition to natural however, I had it in mind to do a six months stretch.  At the time I was texlaxing my hair three times a year and wanted to cut it down to twice per year.  Boy oh boy who knew what a journey I would go on; not me for sure.

How did I get here?  (Here is my regimen)

The first four months went by quite easily but months five and six I struggled because I just could not get my hair to behave the way I wanted it to.  Now looking back I was forcing it to do something that it could and it rebelled.  After making the decision it announced it here because I figured I would have to stay true to myself and my awesome reader by not relaxing when it got difficult.  Yes, it did get difficult and there were times when I questioned why I thought it was that big of a deal, because I’m only human and you’ll forgive me for relapsing.  RIGHT??  However, I am never one to give up or fail to be my best so I plugged on and the results are well worth it. 

Techniques I use:

I follow my regimen to a tee even when I feel like I can’t do this, I still do it.  I learned how to perfect a flat twist and most weekends you will find me rocking my flat twist.  My favorite curly style is something created using flexi rods or perm rods.  I now have flexi rods of every length, size and color because as my hair grows it has different needs.  I exercise daily so I moisturize daily so that my hair does not become dry and brittle. 

My natural hair!

My natural hair is a funny beast the front has loose soft curls, the crown has slightly tighter curls and the back tight coily curls. Overall my hair is very dense but the strands are very fine, which is good and bad.  Good because I have much more hair than I anticipated but bad because it is so fine it does not hold it shape for long even with styling aids.  When wet it does the disappearing act; my hair shrinks to 25 percent of its length.  Now I understand why I was relaxed at age 10 because the shrinkage is ugly but fortunately with leave-in conditioners and detanglers it stretches quite easily.   

What I’ve learned so far?

I hate and love my hair in the same breathe; I lack serious styling skills but is coping.  The saying “Patience is a virtue” is so true, I learned not to rush or get frustrated when my hair doesn’t fall, lay or curl in the manner I want it to, I just give it few more weeks. 

Year Two here I come!

As I begin year two of this journey I hope to master a proper braid out and twist out.  I will continue to stick to my regimen and slowly trim away the texlaxed ends with a goal of been fully natural on my two year mark.
I want to give a big shout out to the amazing ladies of the #washdayexperience for not only their kind words and encouragement but also for sharing their techniques and inspiring me on a weekly basis. 

Did you transition to natural? How was it, and do you have any tips or tricks to share with me?


  1. I don't think my transition was long enough, but I embraced my TWA. Congratulations on a job well done! And I wish you the best for the year to come.

    1. Thanks Nerline, the TWA would have made me crazier than I'm already.


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