Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Blog turns 2!! Big Shout Out..

OMG, Relaxed and Healthy turns two! I cannot believe how quickly another year came and went.

When I decided to start this blog it was to document my new healthy lifestyle in regards to healthy hair and a healthier body.  However, as time goes on I have not only share those aspects of my life but I have also shared what and how I stay motivated.  Lately I have shared my attempt into the dating world.

This a deeply personal blog which is intended to motivate, inspire and share knowledge.  Recently an acquaintance liken my blog to a diary ( evil eye was given), but I have to differ and educate her on the fact that is a collective in which we motivate, educate and inspire.  

 I enjoy sharing bits and pieces about my life, but for me the best part of this blog is connecting with my readers and other bloggers.  The words of encouragement and high -fives have help to craft not only this blog but also my life and lifestyle.

I would love to give a but shout out to the #washdayexperience, without you guys I may not have gotten this far on my healthy hair journey and for that I am truly grateful.

A big heartfelt THANK YOU

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