Friday, April 15, 2016

Weight Loss - In Review March

March was month of great personal accomplishment when it can to my exercise and nutrition regimen.  This month I dug deep and put all my heart, energy and soul into the Daily Burn Black Fire work outs.  These work out are a killer which have you sweating, and breathing like you are having an asthma attack; however, when it is all said and done you feel on top of the world.  Even though it is labeled as an eight week program I will be doing another round of it to take me to the beginning of summer.

I began keeping a food journal midway into the month of which I am super proud.  However, keeping a journal of any sorts requires dedication and consistence and a food journal isn’t any exception. My plan was to make an entry after each meal, however I found it easier to make small notes and make a complete entry at the end of each day. 

Here is a recap of my exercise, diet and weight loss for the month of March.

Meal prep-  I have remained consistent with my meal planning and meal prepping which is a big deal for me.
Food journal-  keeping a food journal showed me that I wasn’t consuming enough calories for the day.

Snacks- I did not skip my mid-morning and afternoon snacks as often as I was, and have focus on snacking on more fruits and nuts vs snack bars.

I exercised five days per week, which includes four days at home and one day at the gym.  My weekly regimen was;
Monday-  A Black Fire workout and cardio
Tuesday- Black Fire
Wednesday- Black Fire and Cardio
Thursday- Black Fire
Friday- Jump Tones (cardio) and Pilates
On most days I did not meet my daily step goals I have set in my fitbit, even though I am working out much more. 

Weight Loss-
This month was an improvement over loss month, this month I lost 1.2 pounds.  I was hoping to lose a little more than that but I’m not complaining.  Moreover, I have dropped and inch from my waist and almost half an inch from my arms which is fantastic in my book.  I had to cancel my doctor’s appointment for March but I hope the next time she sees me she’ll be happy. 
My exercise and diet plan is to aid my weight loss; however I am doing it to not only feel good but to also look good.  It is great to catch your reflection in a mirror and think “she’s cute” before realizing it’s you.  I had one of those moments recently and I was in a good mood for days.  Getting healthy and staying healthy should be a constant.  You should have your healthy at the fore front of your mind every moment to ensure you maintain the best you.  If it is so then the dreaded pounds won’t pack back on or you won’t lose fitness level because you stopped. 

What are you doing to maintain the best you?


  1. Well done on your achievement. I want to keep a food journal also to help me track my food intake.

    1. The food journal did give me an insight into my eating habits, so I wold recommend keeping one.


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