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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fun Date Ideas

Dating seem to be an endless cycle of dinner at a restaurant or drinks at a bar.  Who hasn’t done these dozens of time? So much so that you know exactly what you will order without looking at the menu. Enough already!!

Here are a few fun ideas for a first date or even a date night. 

Have a picnic in a public park- Who doesn’t like a picnic? A picnic is a fun way to get to know someone or reconnect because it is so relax and laid back.  You could even do a BYO where someone is responsible for the drinks and the other for the sandwich (or whatever your preferences are).  A picnic is not limited to the warmer months so drag out your hot chocolate and cozy up together. 

Meet-up at a self-service frozen yogurt or ice cream shop- This is ideal for when you have limited time and want to have a quick and fun meet-up. Who doesn't like ice cream and moreover this is a fun way to know a little more about a person’s personality and taste. 

Go to street fair or festival- So you have being texting and talking on the phone and you have great chemistry with him/her a street fair is the ideal place to tap into that chemistry.  Street fairs are fun with food, drinks and entertainment, they are ideal if you want to spend a day with that person.

Head to a theme park- Theme parks aren’t for everyone; however they are great for the adrenaline enthusiast.   Like a street fair the amusement park offers a wide variety of entertainment and food options to make it a fun date.

Have a coffee date- I’m a coffee enthusiast so the offer for coffee works for me.  A coffee date is ideal for a quick hello, or a stroll. 

Pretend to be tourist (most fun I had) – No matter where you live pretending to be a tourist for the day can be a really fun date.  You can see the sights, stop at a tourist spot to have lunch and take silly pictures is a great way to spend a few enjoyable hours. 

Hit the gym together- Having a gym date is not ideal, but if both of you are fitness buffs it won’t matter that you are all sweaty because you will be showing off how much you can deadlift.  This is a really good way to connect with a person who shares your passion; moreover, who doesn’t want their cake and eat it too?

Go bowling (fun, fun) - a bowling alley has it all, rented shoes, beer, and snacks; what more do you need? Bowling is a good ice breaker not matter what your skill levels are, and it is even fun (gutter balls anyone?).  This will give you an insight to how competitive or how silly a person can become.
Karaoke Bar- Karaoke isn’t for the faint of heart but who hasn’t imagine they were Whitney or Bruce at some point.  Even if you are tone deaf or a former church choir member karaoke is awesome. 

Go to a museum- I think a stroll through the museum is romantic and it give you a chance visit or explore new and old exhibits.  A visit to the museum is ideal for the hot summer months or the colder winter months because the temperature is always right.  Go ahead hold hands and marvel at the dinosaur.

Choose your adventure, it can be hard to figure out exactly what your date taste may be but it doesn’t hurt to try.  Don’t settle for the same old same go out and have a great time.  


  1. I love these ideas, but pretend to be tourists is my favorite!!

    1. It is my favorite also, because of how much fun you can have and give you the chanceto be silly.


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