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Friday, March 18, 2016

Weight Loss- In Review February

Building on the momentum of January I decided to up the ante and do the two month long series of Black Fire on Daily burn.  The Black Fire exercises are Tabatha style exercise which last anywhere from 16 to 32 minutes per session.  I have now consider myself an athlete because I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to complete the exercises. But to my amazement I did not only complete the exercise but I completed them in spectacular form. 


My weekly exercise schedule consists of four days of Black Fire exercises and one day of Pilates and Jump Tones with a two day rest.  Friday is typically my longest and hardest exercise day because I am in the gym and I do an hour of Pilates and an hour of Jump tones (this is a cardio style exercise done on the trampoline) before taking my rest on the weekends.  I normally work out Monday through Friday and rest (no- exercise) on the weekends.  My weekends tends to be more active because I am busy getting everything in place for the following week. 



My diet and meal prep is coming along quite nicely but I still haven’t started the food journal.  One reason being is that I have not purchase a journal but I am hoping to do so for March. I normally make a list of foods I want to make for the following week sometime during the week and food shop on Saturday.  Sunday is meal prep day, in which I make meals for three days and put together the ingredients for the next two days of meal.  Prepping for meals at head of time makes preparing meals so much easier and fun.  This renewed focus on eating healthy through the days have me prepping for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Weight loss-

Even though I am going much harder on the exercise and staying on my meal plan I did not lose a significant amount of weight.  This month I lost a tad bit over a ¼ of a pound.  I am not disappointed but I believe my doctor will be when I do to visit him in March. 

I am so proud of myself and will continue on this path.  I have one more month of the Daily Burn Black Fire which will take me into spring.  Even though my doctor wants me to lose more weight my journey isn’t just about weight loss.  For me this journey is about getting fit and healthy and taking careful of me physically and mentally. For March I will do my best to keep a proper food journal and not to slack off on my exercise.

What are your weight loss and fitness goals? 


  1. Being proud of yourself is the greatest reward. Congratulations on a spectacular job!


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