}); relaxed and healthy: Wash Day- Sleek and Soft Curls

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wash Day- Sleek and Soft Curls

This week’s #washdayexperience theme is sleek curls, and while that sound so gorgeous I don’t know that I have ever achieved it.  However, I mastered the art of have soft, and moisturized curls; which is as gorgeous as sleek curls in my book.   I find that I achieved the best curls when I co-wash because my hair is super-moisturized.

This wash day was a super easy and quick one because I decided to just do a hot oil treatment and follow up with the Shea Moisture 10 n 1 conditioner.  The reason for this abbreviated wash day is I’m currently nine months post relaxer and the struggle has become real. 

Anyway here is how this week’s wash day went;

Hot oil treatment:  Did a hot oil treat with coconut, avocado and grapeseed oil.  I warmed the oil a bit then pour it into an applicator bottle which I used to apply to my scalp and to the entire length of my hair.  Once the hair and scalp was totally coated I finger detangled and put hair into four sections; then put on a plastic cap and sat under my hair dryer for 10 minutes.

Co-wash/ Conditioned: After allowing my hair to cool I rinsed out the hot oil treatment section by section with warm water, then applied Shea Moisture 10 n 1 conditioner and re-twist.  Once I completed the each section I rinsed out the conditioner and applied it a second time to all the sections and put on a plastic cap for ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Leave-in and Moisturizer: I then wrapped my head with a t-shirt to get out the excess water.  When the hair was about 70 percent dry I sprayed it with Crème of Nature Strength and shine and applied Kinky Curly Knot today detangler and detangled.  After each section was detangled I applied OGX coconut milk anti-breakage serum and blow dry on low.  Once my entire head was dry I applied Ettenio Mangoshea moisturizer and perm rod set with eighteen 1 ½ inch rods.

The end results were but fluffy loose curls which I love and I actually got to wear my hair in a style reminiscing of when I was fully relaxed.  The one issue I have is shrinkage; and let me tell you it’s bad.  However, I have learned to embrace it and stop obsessing about how people will perceive my hair and just enjoy it in all its glory.

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How was your wash day?

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  1. Yesss girl! Enjoy your hair shrinkage and all. I'll take my shrunken beautifully curled and healthy hair over long stringy limp unhealthy hair EVERYDAY.

    And can I also give you a hi five for transitioning like a PRO!?!? In a few weeks you'll be a year post!!! How do you plan on celebrating?!?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ www.savingourstrands.com

    1. Amen to that!

      Gosh I don't know how I'll celebrate because at the beginning of this journey I didn't think I would even be here. Now I have to think of a way to celebrate.

  2. You just reminded me to do a hot oil treatment. I have not seen split ends in a while, but I think it is time. I love the hair.

  3. Happy 9 months post relaxer! I tell you I found shrinkage to be real.


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