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Friday, February 12, 2016

Weight Loss In Review -January

I made 2016 the year of change, therefore I began my renewed push to become a healthier and foxier me.  This includes not only exercise and diet but also how I view myself and the world.  Having a healthy outlook is essential to a healthy lifestyle and body.

I renewed my commitment to how and what I eat along with my emphasis on more comprehensive exercises.  Each meal consists of a protein, a carb (which is always a healthy grain) and vegetables; my snacks include fruits and protein (I vary to include diary). I am currently trying to stick to a 1600 a day calorie diet on weekdays, which works really well for me.  On the weekends I bump up my calorie intake to 1800 because I am much more active on the weekend. 

In the month of January I lost 2.7 pounds this month (high-five, twirl and silly grin) anyway here is how I did it.


In the month of January I exercised five days per week, each day I tried to pair weight training and cardio to ensure maximum results. My incorporated Kickboxing, weight training, cardio sculpt, Jump tones (trampoline/Tabatha), Pilates, salsa, Zumba and yoga stretch into my routine to ensure that I do not plateau and also to have some fun. 
Each work day I packed my breakfast, Lunch and snacks. There are days that I feel as if I’m packing food for a picnic but in do so I am able to maintain and monitor my food intake.  I do my food prep on Sunday’s and make sure that I have enough variety to keep me interested and satisfied throughout the week.

My goals for February are as follows
  • Continue with my exercise routine…… maybe add another level of intensity
  • Continue with my meal prep and packing my foods for the day.
  • I will work on keeping a proper food journal; so far I haven’t done a great job at maintaining one.

I am doing my best to achieve my health and fitness goals for 2016; I believe my exercise and diet regimen will get me the results I desire.

What are your health and fitness goal? How do you plan on achieving them?

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