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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is the celebration of love.  Love in all forms; such as love between lovers, love between friends, love within family and most important of all love for oneself.  I know most single people dread this day but I'm here to tell you,you have to be your own great love.

So don't despair that no one will send you flowers or chocolate because you can treat yourself to the great things on this day of love.  if you aren't so much into self love like myself then it may be a day to hide; because every person you come into contact with will wan t to wish you a happy valentine's Day. As with everything there is a silver lining, just think you can gift yourself exactly what you want and don't have the added stress of getting a gift for someone else.

Whatever your status may be,  make sure you are spending the day in the company of people who loves you and who you love and have a Great Valentine's Day.

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