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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dating websites- The Best and Worst

Okay so dating in this digital age is quite complex especially if you are a mom and a divorcee.  Gone are the days when I would go bar hopping after working, or attend a party mid-week.  These days my dating pool is limited to internet dating sites because it is convenient and I could sift through the garbage and I also don’t have to get a babysitter.  Internet dating is not only murky and scary but it is also expensive.  I have tried a various dating sites both free and paid and I personally feel they aren’t much difference when it comes to the type of people in the pool.  I still prefer the old fashion face to face meeting type of dating over the new age digital dating.

Here is a breakdown of the plus and minus of the four internet dating sites I used; they are not ranked in any particular order. The three things that I think are important are 1) cost 2) ease of use 3) does it have resources.

Ok Cupid (OKC) - Best Free site

                Cost: Free but you can subscribe to their A-List which will cost $70 annually

                Ease of use:  It is very user friendly per my experience. When your first sign up you are asked to completely a very lengthy profile. The questions are geared towards building a good profile which will find the best match for you. One of the drawback is that you don’t have to fill out the profile section or add any pictures to have a profile.

                Does it have resources? Ok Cupid Quick Match feature is very handy and will find more interesting people with it than you just browse through the thousands of profiles.  
There are some exclusive features that are only available to the A-List; did not sign up for it because I didn’t feel I’ll get a better experience. There is way too much scam artist looking to catfish you on this site, however I did meet a few interesting people.

Plenty of Fish (POF)- Is basically a hook-up site

                Cost: Free

                Ease of use:  It is very user friendly per my experience. When you first sign up you have to complete a Relationship Chemistry Predictor Test. The test is basically tries to measure your self-control, how easy going you are, your confidence and social dependency. 

                Does it have resources? Plenty-O-Fish has a speed match feature called Meet Me, which basically match you with singles in your area with similar interest and makes it easier.
This is a great site because it does offer that psychology test, and tends to point you to more compatible matches. The one drawback that I’ve encountered on this site is that people are on there looking for hook-ups. 

Match.com – has a diverse population

Cost:  $23.99 per month (based on a six months subscription)

                Ease of use:  It is very user friendly per my experience; just sign –up you create a profile by answer questions in three categories which are 1) about me, 2) about your date and 3) in your own words.  Once you have completed the profile you can begin sending messages.

                Does it have resources? Match.com has a wonderful resource call events, which basically are meet-up opportunity in your area.  These opportunity ranges from bowling to a Ski weekend which gives you the opportunity to meet singles in a fun setting.
This is a great site, and you find less of the crazy business you find on the free sites.  The pool is quite large so you will need to be dedicated in order to find potential dates. 

E-Harmony- Long-term serious based on specific

Cost: $39.95 per month (based on a six months subscription)

                Ease of use:  I find this to be a very complex site in my very humble opinion.  Once you are signed up you need to complete their compatible test before you can really browse the site.  Although they try matching you with the man of your dreams, I find the questions are too literal and quite restrictive. 

                Does it have resources? E-Harmony best resource is their compatibility test; however I do not feel that it real captures who you are or really works.
This is a so-so site, for the price and what they offer in their promos.   I find that they match you with random people who may or may-not be activate members who aren’t even in your search criteria. I have yet to communicate with one person who is compatible.

I find that the dating pool is larger on the free or cheaper sites such as OK Cupid and Match.com versus the more expensive sites like E-Harmony.  There’re people out there looking for hook-up and also to scam you.  So be careful and try not to give out too much personal info and use your best judgement.

Have you tried online dating what are some of your take aways?


  1. Girl, I tried online dating once. It was back in the early 2000. I think it works for some of us who don't have time. Hubby and I have been going strong, I guess it worked for us!

    1. Congrats babe! I've heard so much success stories regarding meet great loves online.


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