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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wash Day- World A Curls

Wash Day Experience- First Wash Day 2015

I am getting use to the feel and texture of my transitioning hair.  Even though I still struggle with styling it I have come to appreciate it.  It is said that you won’t be to tell your true curl pattern until you cut off the relaxed ends, but with that said I’m not on the cue for tight curls or even thick hair.  Oh well, I guess that’s what makes this journey interesting; the process of getting reacquainted with a part of what makes me special. 

Anyway here’s how this wash day went;

Prepoo and detangled with my oil mix; since I did not comb my hair all week I had my share of shed hair. I am quite happy that so far in this transitioning journey I have not experience terrible tangles.  After properly removing all shed hairs and detangled I put on a plastic cap for 10 minutes to allow the oils to melt into my hair.

Shampoo- Applied diluted Crème of Nature Sunflower & Coconut detangling conditioning shampoo to my scalp and gently massage to scalp before rinsing with warm water. 

 Deep Conditioned- Applied Jamaican Black Castor oil and Organics Tea-tree oil cholesterol treatment to the length of my hair then I covered it with a plastic cap and a head tie and went about my business. In the end I left the deep conditioning treatment on for one and a half hours before rinsing with warm water. 

Leave-in and Moisturizer- After rinsing out the conditioner I wrapped my head with a t-shirt to remove the excess water. When the hair was 80 percent dry I put into five sections; I then sprayed each section with Crème of Nature Strength and shine leave-in conditioner and applied Kinky Curly Knot today and detangle. Once each section was detangled I did a two strand twist and left to air dry. 

Styling- When the hair was about 95 dry  I blow dried each section on cool then applying Elasta QP Olive Oil and mango butter moisturizer before doing a flexi rod set.  I used about 20 flexi rods and I think it made a difference because I had big fluffy curls.

I got the best compliment I've ever gotten on my hair, and to put it mildly I was on cloud nine.  The compliment was that my curls looked like Marilyn Monroe; YEP! I think that says it all.  

I am super excited about the 2016 #washdayexperience themes; make sure to check out this month's theme on the #washdayexperience link up.  I looking forward to learning from this great group of ladies.

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  1. OH SNAP! Don't hurt 'em at the office chica! LOL! I have a think for fluffy curls too!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!


  2. LOL....I get the best pictures in my office (hangs head in shame). I love curls and I think curls love me; I hope.


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