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Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Transition Regimen

I’m currently seven months post relaxer and therefore seven months into my transition to natural.  I have learned a lot about myself and how I perceive myself.  In my heart and my mind’s eye I am a straight hair girl so the struggle is real with this internal conflict.  So far I haven’t had any real challenges when it comes to taking care of my hair however, I am still a fish out of water when it comes to styling. 

To ensure that I have a successful transition I have formulated the following regimen.  I will not use any kind of chemical treatment, wash once per week, avoid all direct heat, do a monthly protein treatment, moisturize every two days, wear low maintenance styles and trim or dust monthly.  I believe following this regimen will help me get to my two year mark.

Stop all chemical treatment- This is a given since I’m transitioning to natural, however this also includes coloring and keratin treatments.

Wash once a week- I will do a wash day at the very least once per week during my transition. My wash day may be a full wash or a co-wash depending on what my hair needs. 

Avoid direct heat- I will try not to use any direct heat at all during my transition; if it’s not totally avoidable I will only use it when it is absolutely necessary. I will only blow dry on cool or at the most warm to stretch and blend my roots. 

Add monthly protein treatment- I will do a monthly protein treatment to my regimen to ensure that my hair retains a proper moisture balance. Even though I used products with light protein I will do a true protein treatment monthly. 

Moisturize every two days- I will moisturize every two days to ensure that my hair is properly moisturized at all times during this transition. I find that my natural hair does not need as much moisturizer as my texlaxed ends so that is a plus.

Wear low maintenance hairstyles- I will continue to wear low maintenance styles throughout my transitions and also work on perfecting my styling techniques. Most people become product junkies at some point in their hair journey I think I’m a tools junkie.  I have flexi rods, perm rods, rollers etc in all shape, color and sizes.  So you will see me with mostly curls throughout this transition. 

Trim or dust my ends monthly- I will dust or trim my ends monthly to maintained healthy ends and to also slowly clip away the relaxed ends.

I am enjoying this new phase in my healthy hair journey and so far I haven’t had any setbacks or major issues with my transition.  Therefore I am optimistic that I will have a successful long-term transition. 

Did your transition long-term? What tips do you have for me?


  1. My transition was short-term, but I wish I had transitioned for a longer period of time. I used the original Scurl moisturizer to soften my roots when I was transitioning. I love your regimen.

    1. Thanks Nerline, I wouldn't know what to with really short hair. My texlaxed hair didn't like the Scurl moisturizer but I'll give it another try.

    2. Thanks Nerline, I wouldn't know what to with really short hair. My texlaxed hair didn't like the Scurl moisturizer but I'll give it another try.


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