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Monday, January 4, 2016

Motivation- New Year, New You

What changes are you making in the New Year?

Whether it’s losing weight, starting a new habit, getting a new job, setting new goals or becoming  more positive we all struggle with them. 
We all at the stroke of midnight make resolutions for the New Year, however very few of us actually attempt to fulfill to fulfill these resolutions.  Of the few who attempts them fewer yet actually accomplishes them.  So why aren’t we accomplishing these resolutions? Is it because we were caught up in the festivity? Or is it that we make unrealistic resolutions and therefore have no way of executing them?
In the past I would be like in 20…, I’m doing to change how I do such and such but I never really had a plan.  Without a plan after a while I forget about the resolution or simple go tired of it, therefore I give it up.  I have made unrealistic goals such as I’m going to lose weight and get married in 20… but never diet, went to the gym or even go on a date. 

In order to make your resolutions here are five steps I'm following;

Make a plan – Write down your goals and the step you will take to accomplish them so you can reference it later. 

Have accountability- Something as simple as keeping a journal on your ups and downs will keep you motivated.  Sharing your goals with your friends and family, who will support you and keep you honest a true to your goals.

Make realistic goals- So instead of focusing on losing 40 pounds, have mini or monthly goals and celebrate the accomplishment of these goals.  Breaking your main goal into smaller parts makes it more achievable and you are less likely to give up.

Turn the goals into habits – When something becomes a habit it is no longer work; the more we get used to it the stronger the habits becomes. Studies have shown that it takes 21 days for something to become an habit so keep at it. 

Don’t forget to reward yourself- Celebrate your success by treating yourself to something that you enjoy. So if you have a weight loss goal maybe a shopping spree, just don’t contradict the resolution.

Whatever your new year’s resolution is the key is to constantly reassess it during the year.  


  1. You are so spot on with these points. It's all about making changes 'now' and stopping the procrastination and excuses. This year I want to really start looking after my body, my diet and start going to the gym. I also want to take more time out for calming things like meditation as I'm such an anxious person who worries for the sake of worrying! Great post and blog.

    1. Thanks my dear; taking care of your health is important so make the first step and all the others will follow. Best of Luck.


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