Saturday, December 5, 2015

Weight Loss - In Review (November)

The year is coming to an end and I'm still hustling to achieve my goals before year end.  I am loving my fitness level but is hating that my weight loss seems to be at a stand still.  I will continue to do what I am currently doing and will make changes in the new year to boost my weight loss.

My diet and exercise for November went down like this.......


  • Had a balance breakfast each morning. Breakfast included protein, carb and fruits.
  • Prepare and packed my lunch, making sure that I include protein, a carb and vegetables
  • Had a snack between breakfast and lunch and a snack between lunch and dinner.
  • I have a light dinner with the exception of Sunday which is our weekly family dinner.
I was super pump that I am totally back on track with my diet program.


  • Loving my fitbit it keeps me motivated; on average I walked 10,000 steps per day
  • I exercise five days per weeks without failure
    • two days of cardio sculpt
    • a day of total body weight training and Pilates
    • a day dedicated to kickboxing
    • an arms day because this girl needs sexy arms.
  • I am working on getting back into running but my knee is not co-operating so I only ran twice this month.

  • I did not lose any weight not even an ounce; my pounds of fat is now my pounds of muscles. 
  • I have lost inches which is good; my ultimate goal is o be small so losing inches is a great thing.
  • My BMI hasn't change per my scale but I won't give up.
I am not letting not losing weight this month take away my motivation.  This is a lifestyle and I intend to continue until I hit my goal weight.  These days I can train for two plus hours at the gym and do not feel like a walking dead.  I get compliments from people regarding ho much weight I lost and that I shouldn't lose more.  Even though I appreciate the compliments this is my new normal.

How are you maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle? 


  1. Thanks for sharing your updates with us and for always being honest about your progress.

  2. The number on the scale is not what's important. If you're feeling your best and you know the inches are coming off that is most definitely progress! I need to get motivated again mysefl. I used to be at the gym all the time and now its been months. sigh...Hopefully i'll pick back up soon and stop using the cold whether as my excuse. LOL!

    1. This is a good time to start, unfortunately the cold is a really good excuse. LOL


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