Sunday, December 13, 2015

Musings- What I Learned 2015

Musing- What I learned 2015

This year has been a very challenging year for me personally.  I had to rely on my faith to get me through the difficult times.  I have come to realize that my healthy hair journey has many similarities with my life and like a prison sentence they are running concurrently. 

Let go and Let God- Too often we find ourselves trying to control a situation or even an outcome to no avail.  The reason behind the failure to do so is not up to us; therefore say a prayer and allow God to work in your life.  I learned that no matter what excuses we use to stay in a situation God will take us out of it willingly or not.

Positive attitude will attract positive- A positive attitude goes a long way and it attracts positive outcomes.  When God takes us out of a situation do not sit around and lament on why me; instead welcome the change with a positive outlook and he will reveal the great things he has plan for your life.

Leave the energy and life force suckers in your dust- Too often we let others thoughts and feelings dictate how we feel and in turn we allow them to rob us of our joy.  This year I was forced with the unmasked truth that I was allowing “a person” to suck my energy.  Making the decision to cut that person out my life was a very rewarding decision.

Open up yourself to new experiences- Opening up one’s self to new experience can have great rewards.  This year I made a decision to start dating again and it was a great learning experience.  I learned a lot about the dating world and also about myself. Don’t be afraid to step off the curb and try something new; because what is life without a little excitement?

My motto or mantra is Laugh Loud, Laugh Often.  Laughter has helped me to get through the tough times and it is quite cathartic to have a real hard belly laugh.

I hope you learned some value lessons in 2015, which will help you to conquer 2016 and all the other years to come.  


  1. I love your motto. Your faith in God is amazing,

    1. Thanks darling... in my darkest moments faith was the only thing I had and it truly saved me.


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