Monday, December 21, 2015

Motivation- Forgive Yourself

Understanding the importance of forgiveness and how to accomplish it in your life is at times a hard concept for us. Even though we may know the meaning of forgiveness and have to the ability to forgive others, we tend to lack forgiveness of yourselves.  Making the choice to forgive you, is not an easy task, however it is very important in order to live an enriched life. 

We have all messed up at one time or the other because to err is human; so why is it so hard to forgive you?  When we hurt a love one we walk around with the guilt and constantly beat ourselves up long after the person as forgiven us and moved on.   Why do we hold ourselves more accountable than we would someone else? The inability to forgive you can lead to depression, anger and self-hate.

If you look in the mirror and is unable to look yourself in the eye, then it is time to forgive you and learn to love yourself.  Forgiving yourself is allowing you to accept the past and the freedom to live a fulfilled life in the present.  Forgiving does not mean your forget but instead that you learned from the mistake and is using it in a positive way.  Forgiving ourselves is about letting go of the hurt, the anger and pain.

So look yourself in the mirror and forgive you by telling yourself to take less offense, let go of the anger, let go of the hurt, stop placing blame; instead open your mind in order to have a greater understanding of the situation. 

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