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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wash Day- I'm Transitioning !!!!!

I'm transitioning to my natural hair.

Yes, Me!!

The person who always said she would never go natural.  My statement over the years was " I would relax my hair even if I have one strand left".

Why such a strong statement you ask?

I took that strong of a stand because when I was 10 years old  I got my hair relaxed and it all fell out. Therefore my grandmother gave me a 'big chopped" (who knew it was a thing) and I had a TWA (yes I was a trend setter) until I was 11 years old where I got a Jerri curl (told you I was hip).  I was traumatized by the afro and vow never to wear my hair like that ever again.

So what made me come to this decision?

Well I have been telaxing for almost 22 months and have gotten used to my textured hair. So the most natural transitioning (no pun intended) in my book is to take the final plunge.

I am currently 22 weeks pot relaxer and my plan at the moment is to transition for two years.  I don't have any idea if I will be successful but I will do my best to achieve this goal in the best possible way. I do not have a concrete plan at the moment, but my immediate plan is to continue with my current regimen.

Trip Down Memory Lane

I will be stalking all my Naturalistas blogs for styling and hair regimen tips and tricks along this journey

What tips do you have for long-term transitioning?

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  1. Visit my blog, girl! LOL
    I am glad you are joining the team, not that I have any problems with my relaxed ladies!

  2. Congrats on deciding to transition! I am over a year and a half in myself. Like you, after a year and a half of transitioning to texlaxed, and mastering my relaxer stretches, I realized that I actually had learned to care for my natural texture in the process. A long stretch ended up turning into no return to the creamy crack. LOL. I will tell you that I think it is much easier managing the transition when going from texlaxed to natural because there's not a drastic difference in the textures. Good luck hun. I'll be at my two years in march. So excited. If I can do it, anybody can! LOL! I will definitely cheering you on! :)

    1. Thanks Andrea; what would you say is the hardest part of transitioning?

    2. I struggled with tangles a lot in the beginning. That was my biggest issue. It took some time but I've gotten better with that.

    3. I'm glad you have an handle in it. Hopefully it won't be an issue for me.

  3. Learning how to care for your hair during your stretches between relaxer, will help your in this transitioning. I transitioned for 11 months before big chopping though...good luck in your transitioning journey.



    2 years will fly by!

    KLP @ www.savingourstrands.com

  5. Oooo congrats! Welcome. I transitioned for 19 months before I chopped. There's a lot on my transition on my blog. Hope you visit.

    The short & sweet wash day + Twist & Curl

  6. Thanks Sandra.... I'll certainly stalking your post.

  7. Wishing you the best on this new journey.


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