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Thursday, November 26, 2015


It's Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans both home and aboard.

Today is Thanksgiving and all the shopping is done, the food is prepped and almost done cooking.  Even though I'm the resident sous chef, because my mom loves to cook and is therefore the resident head Chef.

Anyway here is what's on the menu for today' feast;

  • Roasted herb chicken (no turkey for us this year)
  • Quinoa with red kidney beans 
  • Curried Lamb
  • Asparagus sauteed in garlic sauce
  • Baked sweet potatoes with cranberry
  • Green salad ( lettuce, carrots, baby tomatoes, bell pepper and walnut)
Yes the fare is simple because we decided to have an intimate Thanksgiving this year.

As I reflect on the many things that I have to give thanks for; I am most thankful for health, family and the ability to provide for my family. This was a very trying year but with the grace of God we were able to come out on top. So to all those celebrating Thanksgiving remember to give thanks for all your blessings.  And those who aren't don't forget to give thanks because being thankful does not need a day.  

Thank you all for giving me a platform to share my life and for reading my gibberish, I am thankful.


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