Friday, October 30, 2015

Weight Loss - In Review (Sept/Oct)

Who would have thought simple old me would become a fitness buff. When I cannot get to the gym because of scheduling issues I am working out to a session or an exercise DVD. Each day I go walking at lunch to get my steps in and the best part is that I feel healthy. 

My diet and exercise regimen for September and October:
  • I exercise five days per week, this includes cardio, weight and strength training, Pilates, Yoga, running, cycling and Zumba.
  • I walk 10,000 steps per day on average
  • My diet is on par; I have stayed away from eating out and have resumed packing a breakfast, my lunch and healthy snacks.

The results
  • My weight lost is dismal to say the least; I have only lost .8 pounds which sucks because I am losing enough to meet my weight lost goal for 2015.  I have stepped up my weight and strength training quite a bit so that may be the factor.  I must say that I have gotten much smaller and is even down a clothing size.  These days I looking in the mirror and see the old me looking back at me. 
  • I have trimmed ½ an inch from my waist, almost a ¼ of an inch from my hips, almost a ½ an inch from my thighs and quite a bit less than ¼ of an inch from my arms. Per my friend and gym partner I lost my butt and my boobs, just wish it was arms.  I need skinny arms!
  • My BMI is also down, and I guess I can attribute that to a much leaner and muscular me.      

I am very proud of how far I have come since I began my weight loss and fitness journey three years ago. A fitness journey and a fit lifestyle is day to day and no one day decide how well your outcome or how well you'll do. So keep pushing and building on each gain and learning from the fails. 

What do you do to maintain your fitness journey?

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