Friday, October 30, 2015

Weight Loss - In Review (Sept/Oct)

Who would have thought simple old me would become a fitness buff. When I cannot get to the gym because of scheduling issues I am working out to a session or an exercise DVD. Each day I go walking at lunch to get my steps in and the best part is that I feel healthy. 

My diet and exercise regimen for September and October:
  • I exercise five days per week, this includes cardio, weight and strength training, Pilates, Yoga, running, cycling and Zumba.
  • I walk 10,000 steps per day on average
  • My diet is on par; I have stayed away from eating out and have resumed packing a breakfast, my lunch and healthy snacks.

The results
  • My weight lost is dismal to say the least; I have only lost .8 pounds which sucks because I am losing enough to meet my weight lost goal for 2015.  I have stepped up my weight and strength training quite a bit so that may be the factor.  I must say that I have gotten much smaller and is even down a clothing size.  These days I looking in the mirror and see the old me looking back at me. 
  • I have trimmed ½ an inch from my waist, almost a ¼ of an inch from my hips, almost a ½ an inch from my thighs and quite a bit less than ¼ of an inch from my arms. Per my friend and gym partner I lost my butt and my boobs, just wish it was arms.  I need skinny arms!
  • My BMI is also down, and I guess I can attribute that to a much leaner and muscular me.      

I am very proud of how far I have come since I began my weight loss and fitness journey three years ago. A fitness journey and a fit lifestyle is day to day and no one day decide how well your outcome or how well you'll do. So keep pushing and building on each gain and learning from the fails. 

What do you do to maintain your fitness journey?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wash Day- Box Braids Removal

After six weeks of box braids I was ready to take them out.  If you have the time I would suggest you go back to the braiding salon and have them remove the braids for you.  It took me close to six hours of neck and arm straining to remove them. Well I must report that my moisturizing technique really moisturized my hair; because under normal circumstances my hair would be brittle after having in braids for six weeks.  This time around my hair was soft and pliable and those God awful fuzz balls were few and far between.

Prepoo and detangling- After removing all the braids I applied Amla oil to small sections and detangled. Once I thought the hair was completed detangled I saturate it was more Amla and put on a plastic cap and my head-tie and went to bed.

Shampoo- The next morning I detangled again before shampooing with Crème of Nature Sunflower and coconut detangling conditioning  shampoo.  I only lathered once before my hair was pretty clean compared to in the past. After rinsing out the shampoo with warm water I detangled while my hair was pretty saturate then wrapped it in a t-shirt to remove the excess water.

Deep Condition- I then deep conditioned with Shea Moisture JBCO strengthen, Grow & Restore treatment Masque under my conditioning cap for 30 minutes.  When I was applying the conditioner I ensure that all the hair was covered because I wanted to have a well-conditioned hair.  After removing the conditioning cap I allowed my hair to cool for ten minutes before rinsing with warm water and followed with cool water.  I then wrapped my head with a t-shirt to remove the excess water.
100% Air Dry

Leave-in Conditioner and Moisturizer- I then sprayed the hair with Crème of Nature Strengthen and shine leave-in conditioner and Ettenio Moisture Milk before detangling and then allowed my hair to air dry.  Once my hair was 95% dry I applied OGX anti-breakage coconut milk serum and blow dry on cool. 

I was not expecting the only process to take so long so I had to use my curling iron to get some type of style done for a brunch I was attending. Therefore I applied Ettenio seal and shine before adding a few curls with my curling iron.

I must say that even though I had quite a bit of new growth that my hair seems healthy and moisturized.  The Amla oil is a bit stinky but it gave my hair a light airy feeling and look; however I don’t think I’ll be using this particular one again. 

I am giving my hair a break for a week before installing fresh box braids, I am hoping to get to 24 weeks post which is mid December. I am current at 19 weeks post and the brass ring is in sight.

How was your #washdayexperience? 

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Product Review- Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer

Cost: I purchased a 6oz tub at Walgreens for $5.49, However it is widely available and comes in a larger size (8.25 oz).

Claims/Blurbs: Moisturizing Butter of Mango and Olive Oil creates this intensely rich thermal protecting treatment. Use Olive oil and Butter moisturizer daily for softer fuller looking hair
·      Ingredients: Aqua, Olea Europea fruit oil/ olive oil, Capric Capryllic Triglyceridess, PEG-75 Lanolin, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Ceteareth-20,Cetyl Alcohol,  Mangifera Indica Seed Butter/ Mango Butter, Theobroma Cacao seed butter/cocoa butter, Cocos Nucifera Oil/ coconut Oil,Hydrolyzed Silk,  Dimethicone, Phenyl Trimethicone.......

Pros- The Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter moisturizer has a creamy whipped butter consistency.  It smells heavenly and the Cocoa Butter smell really shines through.  Due to it being creamy a little goes a long way and your Jar will last for some time.  Even though it is a creamy it melts in the hair and does not leave it feeling heavy, greasy or weighted down.

Cons- The downside to it being a creamy moisturizer is that if you use too much it will leave the hair looking and feeling greasy. The Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer is not Sulfate, Parabens or cone free as you can see from the ingredients list.

My Take- I really enjoy using this moisturizer and the benefits my hair gained from it. I know from trip around the web that most people use it during the cooler and winter months because of the thickness. However it worked Magic for me during the hot humid summer months, especially my nine days at the beach.  Whenever I use this moisturizer my hair stays softer longer and didn’t get that dry crunchy look after being out and about in the sun. I am in love with this moisturizer and I’ve added it to my essential kit.

Have you tried this moisturizer? If so, what’s your take?

Monday, October 19, 2015

Motivation- Finding Happiness

" The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things" Henry Ward Beecher

Finding happiness in everyday things is the essence of a happy and fulfilled life. Often we think if only I have mid-back length hair I'll be happy, if I win millions in the lottery then I'll be happy.  But all too often we overlook the important things and people in our live is search of this thing that will make us happy.

"Happiness is not something remade. It comes from your own actions" Dalai Lama

Neither material things are people will make us happy, we have to make ourselves happy.  On a warm sunny day find happiness in the feel of the sun on your face or on a rainy day dance between the raindrops and find your happiness. When we feel happy within our being then this happiness will radiate to the people and world around us.

"Don't worry, Be happy" Bobby McFerrin

Yes it is easier said than done; however finding the silver lining even in the hardest of things will enable you to feel happiness. Be grateful for the good things no matter how small will allow you to find the meaning behind all the bad. So don't worry about the things you cannot change but be happy in the things you can.

Finding happiness in our everyday life is quite easy if we allow ourselves to be happy. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wash Day- Box Braids

The daunting task of washing my box braids wasn't as bad as I thought. It was actually easier than washing my hair while in crochet braids. Believe it or not the hardest part of the wash was how long it took the braids to dry.  Anyway here is how the wash day went;

{1} diluted Optimum Oil Therapy Ultimate recovery shampoo and applied to my scalp then the length of the braids.  I gentle massage my scalp until I had worked up a good lather and felt comfortable that all the built up from the past three weeks has been dislodge. I then hopped into the shower and rinsed with warm water. Once I was done I squeeze as much water out as possible before wrapping the hair with a towel.

{2}  After five minutes I removed the towel and sprayed the entire length of the braids with diluted Crecepelo conditioner and let it sit on the hair for 10 minutes before I hopped back into the shower to rinse. Once I was finished rinsing I squeezed out the excess water and wrap the hair in a towel for about15 minutes.

{3} While the hair was still damp I applied Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the scalp and let the hair air dry for about an hour. I then sprayed the entire length of the hair with my moisturizer mix ( find it here) and left it to dry completely.

The braids took much longer than I anticipated to dry; it may be due to the fact it was a very cold day.  I must say my scalp was thanking me and the insistent itch was gone.  I was a little worried that my hair would become fuzzy but that only happened to my edges and nape.  All in all it was a very easy wash day.

Have you been protective styling? How are you caring for it?

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