Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Healthy Hair Journey- Revisited

I started my journey to a healthier and longer hair January 2014.  At the time my plan was to go on this journey for a year.  The protagonist for me going on this journey was my sister-in-law been natural and having beautiful hair.  Thanks to the many beautiful and resourceful ladies whether they have  blog or a YouTube channel for teaching the likes of me and basically giving me a Masters in healthy Hair Care.

 This journey is not for the faint of heart but I've learned that you need only a few essentials to be successful on your journey.

Patience- Patience is the most essential key that you need to be successful on this journey. The general knowledge out there is that hair grows roughly 4-6 inches per year; so do not expect to have mid back length hair overnight.

Ingredient Knowledge- It is essential to know about the different ingredients in the products you use and their properties.  This will give you a better idea what works or doesn't work for you; and also helps when you are trying out new products.

Frequent Wash or Cleansing- This is essential to remove product build and dead cells from the scalp. A hair that is not bogged down by layers of product will retain moisture.

Moisturize- Moisture retention is very essential on a healthy hair journey. Moisturizing prevents dryness and guard against breakage. Moisturized hair is easily manipulated so be up on your moisture game.

Deep conditioning- Deep conditioning with heat is very essential on this journey. Deep conditioning with to penetrate the hair shaft; which helps to maintain the health and elasticity of the hair.

Limit the use of heat styling- Limiting the use of heat styling is very essential because it robs the hair of moisture and will eventually cause heat damage.

Trimming- Trimming is essential to help maintain the health of your hair. Splits ends can put a wrench in your journey so don't forget to trim them a way.

Almost two years into this journey and I'm very happy to be apart of this wonderful movement. Sharing tips, product reviews, styling ideas, comments and encouragement has empowered me to share my knowledge no only on this blog but also with people I meet in my everyday life.

What are some of the essential techniques have you learned on your journey?  

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