Friday, September 25, 2015

6 Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is very hard and it takes perseverance to reach your goal. Here are six tips that can help you along the way to your goal;

Eat Better- Eating nutrient rich foods is very important step in any weight loss program. Watching the calories, the sodium, the sugar and fat in each meal is important but getting the most out of each meal is just as important. Enjoying what you eat is also a part of eating better; so eat slowly, so you can taste and savor your meal.  Enjoying your meal will help you feel full and satiated because if you feel satiated you will in all intent eat less.

Drink More Water-  Keep your body hydrated will help with the digestive process and boost your metabolism.
Weight Train- Weight train helps to build your muscles and the more muscles you have the fat your will burn.

Set Long-term and Short-term Goal- Setting long-term and short-term goals is very important in any weight loss journey.  With goals you will always have something to look forward to and won't become discouraged along the way. So have a end goal but also have small along the way helps you get there.

Participate in Fun Events- Find different fun events to keep you motivated. Try running a 3k, at 5k, doing a mud run, a walk for charity or even a friendly run among friends to keep it fresh.

Use Positive Affirmations- Always look at the glass half full in other words find the positive in all situation.  Therefore, if you don't make your short-term or long-term goals don't bet yourself up instead give yourself a high five and push on.

These tips have been helpful to me along my weight loss journey and is still helping to push me to my ultimate goal.

What tips do you use to achieve your weight loss goals?


  1. Looking in the mirror and thinking about the body that I want to see has helped a lot. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips with us.

    1. Nerline, that is a good one. when I was at my heaviest I did not look in a mirror.


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