Monday, August 24, 2015

How I stay fuelled and motivated for my workout

 As I strive to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, I have to constantly evaluate my nutritional habits.  What one eats before, during and after a workout can enhance or detract from the benefits of the workout.  We often hear the mantra that diet and exercise goes hand-in-hand; but I think the mantra should be proper nutrition and exercise makes for a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

My fitness journey is now my lifestyle and I try to add flexible routines to ensure I stay motivated and on point.  Here are few of the practices and things I use to keep me fuel and motivated for each workout.

My schedule does not allow me to exercise in the morning therefore I have to keep my nutrition and energy up during the day.  

  • Each morning after my coffee I have a bowl of cereal with a few berries mainly blueberries or dried cranberries. 
  •   My lunch normally consist of a protein, a carb and vegetables. It is commonly recommend having protein two to three hours before your workout to allow for digestion. 
  •   On my way the gym or just before a workout I normally munch on an apple or a handful of nuts, to ensure that I can maintain my energy level during the workout. 
  •   Keeping hydrated is very important to me so I on an average day consume roughly 64 ounces of water before I even hit the gym or do any kind of workout. 

Fuelling my body in preparation for my workout is very important, because it helps with my energy level and therefore I can reap a greater benefit from each exercise.During any exercise I make sure that I keep hydrated with a combination of water and sports drink. I do this because there are days when plain water sometimes does not cut especially on, my weight training days.

After any workout I always have my protein and fruit smoothie, protein helps to repair and grow your muscles. During any exercise activity you burning a lot of carbohydrate, so replacing your used up energy will help your muscles to recover. When I don't have the time to make my smoothie in the morning I drag a protein or meal replacement bar with me for my after workout snack.

I get bored quite easily therefore keeping my routine fresh is a major part of my motivation. I exercise on average five days per week, so I have to mix up the routine to make sure that I am getting the maximum benefits each time. My mix of exercise for any given week consists of cardio kickboxing, weights training, running, Pilates, Spinning (cycling), Cardio sculpts, Yoga, and Zumba. Mixing up the different types of exercises keep it fresh and also works the various muscles.

My fitness and nutrition is very important to me and I will continue to try new thing to enhance my health and healthy lifestyle.

Remember to listen to your body and ensure your are fuelling up and maintaining proper nutrition. 

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  1. I am glad you mentioned coffee and cereal. I love these two. Sometimes I love to have oatmeal and dry fruits with apple slices. Great post doll!

    1. Thanks Nerline! I LOVE oatmeal but only get to have it on the weekend.


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