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Monday, July 20, 2015

Motivation- Dealing With Grief

Recently my mom her sisters lost their dad and their behaviour seems to be off the charts during and after making his final preparations.  This had me thinking, " what are the signs of grief" and "how does grief affects the body?"  We tend to think of grief as acting in an emotional manner, but grief can also affects us physically.

What are signs of grief?

  • Exhaustion- One of the most common symptom of grief is prolong exhaustion or even confusion.  This feeling of exhaustion will leave a person not being able to perform routine daily exercises such as bathing, getting dress, because all they want to do is to sleep to try to recoup their energy.
  • Poor appetite or overeating- Grief can leave you feeling so out of balance that you can either overeat or have not appetite at all. This is a physical symptom of grief which should pass once we work through our grief.
  • Listlessness- Is also a physical symptom of grief and like poor appetite it should also pass. It is a way for the body to deal with the dark cloud of grief.
  • Pain - We've all heard of broken heart syndrome; but grief can bring on less severe pain such as headache, chest pains or even numbness.   
  • Crying- Is on of the classic signs of grief.  We have all have the moments where grief leaves us crying uncontrollable.  
  • Impulsive behaviours- When one is faced with severe grief they tend to become impulsive. The I have "only one life to live behaviour" can lead one to take risk that they would normally take in order to make sense of their new reality. 

How to manage and cope with grief?

  • Turning to friends and family who care about you during a difficult period can help boost the self. Do not push away the help and support of your love ones because they have your well being at hand.   
  • Draw comfort from your faith , because it will offer you the solace that can help you manage and cope with a grief.
  • Look after your physical self while your work through the murky area that is grief.
  • If you find yourself feeling or experience any of these symptoms in a manner that is overwhelming it is best to contact a professional to help work through it.  
  • Medication such as antidepressant can help with the overly oppressive emotional and physical symptoms of grief.
Facing your feelings of loss and grief can be a daunting undertaking but turning to friends, finding support groups, journaling, turning to the experts or even using medications are all tools that can help you to get through the difficult time.

There is not timeline to when you should stop grieving but take care of your physical health while you work through your grief.  We all know that grief does not affect all of us in the same way, however we can all get out from the weight of crushing grief.

What are some of the tools you used to cope with grief?

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