}); relaxed and healthy: Menu and Exercise Recap (6/29)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Menu and Exercise Recap (6/29)

I am very happy to be back on track with my nutrition, this week was no exception.  I am loving my fitbit and it and a little healthy competition among friends does not hurt in getting you motivated and moving.

Due to a family obligations I did not visit the gym once this week however I did make a startling discover that I was not moving as much during my workday.  I will certainly in the coming days remedy this situation.


- Oven roasted chicken paired with a green salad and oven roasted red potatoes
- Grilled salad with my ziti primavera ( ziti with broccoli, cauliflower, corn and sweet peas)
- use the breast from the chicken to make sandwich, which included onion,cucumber, spinach and avocado spread).


- This week I average 8,852 steps in a seven day period not bad but certainly needs improvement
- Ran five miles on Friday with an average of 12 minutes per mile.
- Did two days of cardio sculpt using dailyburn.com

All in all I must say my fitness and nutrition are on point and I intend to continue to make both my main focus.

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