}); relaxed and healthy: Menu and Exercise recap (6/22)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Menu and Exercise recap (6/22)

My birthday was this past weekend and as I embark on this new year in my life I am happy to say that I am healthier than I was a year ago. My goal is to be even further along in my health journey come this time next year.  The birthday gift that I received that I like the most is my fitbit flex (thank you Honey).

I love all the features that it has to offer and will certainly do my best to use each one and my even over share with you how I'm using them.  So far I realized that I have very restless sleep pattern, which may explain my low energy come late afternoon.

Anyway all that is for a future post; here is a recap of this week's exercise and menu.


Monday- 45 minutes cardio sculpt, I love this program because it works all my muscle groups
Tuesday- 45 minutes Hatha yoga session, OMG loving this class but it is taking a toll on my body
Wednesday- one hour body pump, even though I was hurting I couldn't sit out my beloved body pump
Thursday- rest day with a much needed soak in the tub after work
Friday- One hour pilates followed by a three mile run on the treadmill.
Saturday- Two mile run in the park enjoy the sights, smell and sounds of the morning.
Sunday- rest


Because I was my birthday my Mom did all the cooking and she went all out (love you Mom).

  • Quinoa with lentils and sweet peas
  • Lemon shrimp; my son had a ball with this
  • Grilled Salmon 
  • Asparagus sauteed with onion and green pepper.
  • To top off the celebrated an apple tart.  This was so delicious and healthy. 

Midweek we ran out of food so I made,
  • oven roasted chicken breast 
  • a green salad 
  • ziti with cauliflower, broccoli and corn.
I love summer for the many fresh foods and fruits that are available and will be making very good use of then.

Hope you had a great and healthy week?

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