}); relaxed and healthy: Exercise and Menu Recap (06/15)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Exercise and Menu Recap (06/15)

I haven't done a exercise and menu recap in since the end of April, because I did lose track of my routine because I was not working.  Just know that I continued to exercise and did my best to eat healthy.  I am once again gainfully employed and have a daily routine; there is nothing like having a set time to have lunch.  Anyway, I am once again back on track and very happy about it.


Monday- ran 3 miles at the park, am loving running outside
Tuesday- Rest
Wednesday- one hour body pump; at the end of body pump I always feel like a superwoman
Thursday- 45 minute Yoga, I may actually become much more flexible
Friday- one hour Pilates and a 2 mile run
Saturday-  ran 3 miles at the park can't wait to get my fitbit
Sunday- Rest

I love how my body looks and feels and will continue to get it into the shape and strength I had in my early twenties.


Cooking isn't and will not be my most favorite pastime but a girl has to eat.  Therefore my meals are simple because I do not have the drive nor the time to prepare fabulous meals. This week's meal consist of:

  • Baked Salmon
  • Baked Chicken
  • Oven roasted red potatoes
  • green salad topped with cranberry and walnuts
  • Quinoa with red kidney beans 
Hope you are getting your exercise in and eating nutritious and healthy meals.


  1. I love pink salmon! Controlling my portions is my top priority right now! Great post!

    1. Thanks Nerline! Portion control is truly the key.

  2. Your week was great! Wish you all the best in your weight goals (:



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