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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weight loss- April/May In review

The first 27 1/2 days of April cruised by with everything on track but we all know that in ife the wheels can fall off the wagon without any notice; which was what happened to me. May was a very interesting month for me because I exercised more than i have at any point in my life. I am happy to say that I achieved and surpass my goals. Since I did not take the time to evaluate April's results I rolled my goals from April into May.


  • Exercise five days per week
  • prepare healthy meals
  • work on running a 12 minute mile
  • lose five pounds, lose an inch from my waist and lower my BMI by one point

Exercise Recap

My exercise for April was pretty the normal to what I have been doing for the last few months. I did body pump, pilates once per week and ran at least 2 miles on those days. On the days I did not visit the gym I used dailyburn.com to get in my exercise for the day.  I am loving dailyburn.com because it offers such a wide variety of exercise programs and not the cookie cutter ones found on dvd.  These sections leaves me feel like I was in a gym with a live instructor.

With nothing but time on my hand May was a go big or go home month for me.  I ran 3-5 miles five days per week, did body pump twice per week, did pilates once per week and did a yoga session each saturday to relax my overused muscles. I was working out twice per day and had more energy than the energizer bunny.  Running outside first thing in the morning is like medicine to the soul.  

  • I lost 8 pounds which is just fantastic for me that is an average of 4 pounds per month; to say I am elated is an understatement.
  • lost 1 1/2 inch from my waist; as the Jamaicans say my "coca cola bottle shape" is in touching distance.  
  • my BMI is down 2 points; this means that my body is getting leaner by the minute.
  • I exercise five days per week with fail; I am so proud of myself and my persistence.
  • I was finally able to achieve my goal of running on average a 12 minute mile, I guess running daily will build your stamina
  • preparing healthy meals for me and my family has become a lifestyle which will not change anytime soon.
  • my blood pressure is still under control without any medication which is a direct results of eating healthy and having a active lifestyle.

Image result for meme 5k run

Who would have thought that me of all people would enjoy running, certainly not me.  Running outside is so calming; you are able to enjoy the scenery, your music and focus on your breathing without the distraction of the person on the treadmill next to you. 

My goals going forward will remain the same because they are realistic goals and they work for me.

I am seriously thinking about getting a fitness tracker such as fitbit, what are your thoughts suggestions?
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