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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Motivation- What keeps me motivated!

The glass half full 

When faced with adversity do you lament over the lack of or do you use it as a spring board to move forward.  I have always been the glass half full kind of girl, so losing  my job at the end of last month served me well.  I took this change in my employment status as a sign from God that a change is needed in my life.  I am not particularly religious however, I am deeply spiritual.  I too like Daniel and Abraham, have always put my faith in God and trust that he will work in my life for the greater good.

Five ways to stay Motivated

Take Action- When a problem arises do not focus on the problem instead focus on the solutions.  So like in my case instead of asking why I was a part of the cut, I set out to network with people and companies that will help me to find a new job.  Moreover, I now have the chance to find a job I love.

Meditate- When we are feeling out of sorts our mind is the first to join this whirlwind, and we lose the ability to breath deeply.  These are the times when you should find a quiet place close your eyes inhale and release your breath slowly.  Meditation will not only relax the body but will also relax the mind and allow you to think positive.

Seek Support- In today's society we tend to shoulder our burdens all by ourselves. However, seeking help from your family and friends can and will help you to stay positive and motivated.  Often they are able to offer a solution that you weren't or didn't think of.  So don't suffer alone because your love ones wants to see you happy.

Let go of Negativity- Let go of negative thoughts, feelings and people.  Too often we hold to the bad, which does not leave room for the good.  Don't let self doubt and negative people erode your chance to be happy and fulfilled.  Instead fill your life with people who will build up your self confidence and who value you and want to see you succeed.
Celebrate your accomplishments- Whether big or small celebrate each accomplishment.  In my case every time I get an interview I celebrate, because they are a stepping stone to what I seek to accomplish.  Do not overlook a gain just because it wasn't what you set out to do.  Giving yourself a pat on the back will  keep you going and keep you motivated.

A great speaker once asked "what's in your hand?' Don't lament over what's missing but instead use what you have to achieve it.  Keeping oneself motivated and positive can be trying at time but remember positive actions will garner positive results. 


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