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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Exercise and Menu recap (04/27)

Ever woke up with the premonition that your life was about to change? Well, I woke up on Monday with the feeling that it was going to be my last day working at my current job.  If I could pick the lotto numbers with such accuracy I would be an uber trillionaire.  Anyway, I was laid off my job on Tuesday; I'm a glass half full kind of girl so that is the opportunity to do something great.

Anyway here is a recap of my awesome week.


Monday- no exercise because I was anxious
Tuesday- I got laid off so I spent the time relaxing

Wednesday-  When you don't have to be at work at nine, what do you do? Well I went on a three mile run.  I think I may like running outdoors.  Did one hour body pump at the gym.

Thursday- Went a six mile run/walk; it was so freeing just me my music and the squirrels.
Friday- Ran five miles with an average of a  minutes mile.  I was just going enjoying the freedom and quiet of the cool morning.

Saturday- rest OMG, my legs were in hurt  city.
Sunday- rest

Even though I had something negative happened to me this week. I was able to run three days in a row and outdoors; how cool was that.  I know it won't last but it was great and I highly recommend it.


- Whole baked chicken with red potatoes
- Quinoa with red kidney beans
- Barbeque chicken wings
- large garden salad
- sauteed spinach with cannellini beans.

My mom gave me the idea for making the spinach with the beans and I was pleasantly surprise how delicious it was.

What were some of your triumph and challenges?

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