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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wash Day- Rinse and Repeat

It has been awhile since I had a wash.rinse and repeat type of wash day.  this wash day was one of those deja vu wash days.  I try mixing up the products I used each week because I feel it keeps my hair guess.  Can hair think?, well if it can my is confused most of the time.

Anyway here is how this wash day went:

Prepoo-  Detangled with coconut oil and prepoo with Burt's Bees avocado butter pre-shampoo under my conditioning cap for 45 minutes.

Shampoo- After rinsing out the prepoo treatment, I shampooed with Creme of Nature red clover and Aloe soothing shampoo; I lathered once before rinsing.  I might actually like this shampoo, my only drawback is that it doesn't lather a lot.

Deep Conditioned- Deep conditioned with Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, grow & restore treatment masque under my conditioning cap for a little over an hour.  I had intended to deep conditioned for 30 minutes but I was busy running my mouth. After my hair cooled I rinsed with warm water followed by cool water to close the cuticles.

Leave-In Conditioner and Moisturizer-  T-shirt dry until my hair was about 50 percent dry, before applying Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow & restore leave-in conditioner, followed by Ettenio moisture reign.  After applying the leave-in and moisturizer I left my hair to air dry.

Once it was completely dry I oiled my scalp with JBCO and ends before installing about 25 orange perm rods.  I don't normally use an holding product because my hair would hold the curls.  However, the longer it gets I finding that the curls fall, so was the case with my perm rod set.

What are some of the products you use for extra hold?

The #WashDayExperience

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