}); relaxed and healthy: Exercise and Menu Recap ( 04/20)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Exercise and Menu Recap ( 04/20)

Last week I basically limped through the week; however I got myself in top gear this week because I have a family reunion in August and I want to look and feel fabulous for it.  I subcribed to Dailyburn.com at the beginning of this month to supplement my exercise routine. I thought it would be like doing a dvd, no ma'am it is kick ass almost like having your own personal trainer.

Each week you get five workout assigned to you or you can choose your own workout from the different categories and workout.  I only go into the gym twice per week but dailyburn is giving the workouts I need to get to my goals.


Monday- Blast N Burn Cardio Sculpt 35 minutes, I felt as if I was the one being balested and burn not my fat. 
Tuesday- Cardio Ball 45 minutes, who would have thought that using a medicine ball during a cardio exercise would be so damn hard?
Wednesday- one hour Body Pump followed by a 30 minutes run on the treadmill
Thursday- Upper Body roller coaster 45 minutes
Friday- on hour Pilates and  one hour body pump, I used less weight than I do on Wednesday but it was still difficult to work out for two straight hours.
Saturday- Rest 
Sunday - Rest


- Large green salad top with walnuts
- steamed red snapper with baked red potatoes
- baked salmon and quinoa with red kidney beans

This week when I packed my lunch I add avocado to pack in additional nutrients.

How were your able to achieve your healthy lifestyle and exercise goals this week?

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