}); relaxed and healthy: Exercise and Menu recap (04/13)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Exercise and Menu recap (04/13)

 I love going on vacation because you have no schedule and that in of itself is vacation enough. Unfortunately when you come home from vacation your real life is there like a tornado to suck you back into the bustling, hectic schedule of ones life.  This past week I just could not get back on schedule because I felt mentally exhausted; I just my mind did not have to work while on vacation.

Due to my exhausted mind and a body who does not have a voice my exercise and meals were a hit or  a miss; so here is a recap how this week went.


Over the past few months I exercise five days per week however this week I only did two days.  I feel these two days were meaningful.

Wednesday- one hour body pump and 30 minutes on the elliptical machine
Friday- 45 minutes aerobics and one hour body pump

I think I may add a second session of body pump to my normal routine, because I felt so good after my session on Friday.

Meals (Menu)-

- Sunday dinner consist of oven fried chicken and a green salad ( romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, red bell peppers).
- On Wednesday I made baked salmon  and ziti with broccoli and cauliflower because I have to pack lunch for my son as he will not eat the school lunch. This served as dinner for the next two days.
- I had grilled cheese, grilled chicken wrap, a burger and lobster bisque for lunch over the course of the week.

I have gotten used to packing my lunch and even though I did stay within a reasonable limit my choices for lunch were not healthy. I rarely ever leave my office during the day so I tend to order with the mass if I did not pack my lunch.

After having such a great time on vacation and being able to stay on track, I was surprised that i struggled so much.

Do you struggle to maintain your healthy lifestyle during or after vacation?

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  1. I love to enjoy my vacation. So I don't worry much about what not to eat, but I do work out if they have a gym there! I hope you get back on your regular schedule soon!

    1. Thanks Nerline. I do better on vacation because I don't have the time crunch as I do in my real life.


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