}); relaxed and healthy: Exercise and Menu recap (04/06)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Exercise and Menu recap (04/06)

This past week I went on a much deserve vacation with my family.  We all know that while vacation are great for rest and relaxation, it can also be a diet buster.  So my goal for the week was to ensure I get my exercise in and be diligent with the foods I eat.

I am happy to report that not only that I was more active but I was able to maintain a very good eating regimen.  I cannot believe that I am so discipline; six months ago I wouldn't be able to say I am.

Here is a brief recap of my exercise and meals while on vacation.


Monday-  drove for seven hours to get to my much need vacation so no exercise for me.
Tuesday- Walked three miles on the boardwalk
Wednesday- ran a little over two miles on the boardwalk
Thursday- walked one and a half mile on the boardwalk
Friday- ran 3 miles on the boardwalk
Saturday- driving seven hours home
Sunday- plan on recouping from the drive home

Virginia Beach boardwalk makes you want to get out there and enjoy the sites and sound, and that's exactly what I did.


  • I stayed away from fast food and fried food, because of the sodium and fried food gives me heartburn
  • had chicken fajita at a Mexican restaurant
  • had Tuna Ahi with edamame and baked sweet potato
  • went to an Indian restaurant for lunch who to my horror had a buffet lunch so I tried everything; I was so stuffed that I had to walk around the parking lot for ten minutes before getting in the car.
I always get a suite when on vacation so I can prepare breakfast and reheat leftover which is what I did this time around.  I tried to order entrees that i could have twice so I can limit the amount of time I eat out.

What do you do while on vacation to ensure you keep on the right track?


  1. LOL, I know that feeling of feeling like a stuffed turkey. I workout when I'm on vacation and I usually have an apple and a protein bar for breakfast, the same as bar for lunch or a salad for lunch and I save my calories for dinner. I never gain when I'm on vaca. #FridayFitness

    1. Sheila I normally have a heavy lunch and a light dinner.

  2. WOW! You did an amazing job....on VACATION! I learned just this year, a few weeks ago actually, to book places with a kitchen so I can stay on track.

    1. Yes, having a kitchen makes a world of difference

  3. Wow!!! When I'm on vacay, I eat and don't even think about working out.

    1. Jay, that was me in the past but i've gotten better


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