}); relaxed and healthy: Exercise and Menu Recap (03/09)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Exercise and Menu Recap (03/09)

When an opportunity arises one must drag it with both hands, and make very good use of it. I was given the opportunity to participate in a kickboxing class for a month, which is great because I was looking for something new to rev up my exercise routine.

I was super excited to start something new and to punch a few bags, but was a little disappointed that it was not contact kickboxing.  Anyway I will participate three day per week for the next month and hope to not only get healthy but also learn son cool moves. Kickboxing works the entire body and is also a great cardio workout, so i'm loving it.

Here is a recap of my menu and exercise routine for this week.


Monday- one hour kickboxing- I thought I was fit but kickboxing kick my butt.
Tuesday- one hour kickboxing- I'm a glutton for punishment
Wednesday- one hour body pump; (the instructor makes the class seems easy) followed by a 1 mile run
Thursday- one hour kickboxing; not sure if I could make it through the entire class but I did, so yeah for me.
Friday- one hour Pilates; (I joke with my gym buddy that we are not longer beginners but intermediate) followed by a 2 mile run.
Saturday- rest
Sunday- rest

A soak in the tub was exactly what the doctor order for this very sore body.  I think three more weeks of such an intense routine will put me on the track to achieve the goals I've set for this March.


This past weekend I wasn't up to cooking so my choices for this week was very limited.  So as you will notice did not have a wide selection but I my son was happy because his beloved Salmon as on the menu.

  • Baked Salmon
  • a large green salad, I always make a green salad because it can be paired with any protein.
  • Quinoa with red beans Jamaican style
  • Roasted whole chicken

Hope you had a fabulous and healthy week.

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  1. Yummy I love salmon and its also said to aid in hair growth

  2. Sounds like a phenomenal week! 5 days of exercise + good diet? Inspiring success!


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