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Monday, February 23, 2015

Healthy Lifestyle- Deal With It

With all the social media out there more and more people are finding themselves alone.  Loneliness can play havoc on a person's physical and mental health.  Do you find that you eat more or consume more alcohol when you are alone?  Do you give up on your pursuits because you believe that no one will notice?

These are all signs of loneliness but they are also precursor to depression. Depression is a mental illness and  if left unchecked can erode all the positive aspects of your life. Friends and family will tell you to snap out of it but that is easily said then done.

Here a few ways that can help you combat the feeling of loneliness and also help your social life.

1> Join a Gym-   Joining a gym has two benefits, one you can get healthy and the other is that you'll make friends and have social interactions.  The benefit of exercise alone with boost your mood and confidence which will lead to better social interactions.

2> Join a group of like minded people- if social interaction is what you crave, then a group that caterers to that need is ideal.  This group will not only help you with your social life but you can form fulfilling relationships. Meetup.com has some really great groups that a specific to your area and interest.

3>  Pick up a long forgotten hobby or start a new one-  Having a hobby can help to calm and can go a long way to keep you mentally healthy.

So when you are having mood swings, insomnia or feeling as if you are alone in the world remember that sitting home wallowing in self pity won't help the situation.  So take go to the gym or call up a  friend or your sister and go have dinner or even dancing.  The world is full of love, fun and happiness go out and grab it with both hands.



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